How to Create a Classic Eye Makeup

How to Create a Classic Eye Makeup

Explore the fabulous world of colorful cosmetic contact lenses and show your wonderful eyes colors.


Wearing cosmetic contact lens is the easiest way to change your eyes to any color and help you to look more beautiful and outstanding.

The world of cosmetic contact lenses is simply wonderful, so do not hesitate to have fun and enjoy wearing colored contact lenses in your eyes everytime you change your makeup style. keeps you up to date with all of the latest fashion cosmetic contact lenses and eye makeup trends, so here we have tips for timeless beauty classic eye makeup to enjoy with your favorite contacts.


Tips about how to create a classic eye makeup style


Classic eye makeup is great and the right choice for your daytime look. This classic eye makeup is very simple and easy to do, everyone can create this look with some advices and practice.

Don’t forget to wear your favorite contact lenses before applying any cosmetic makeup on your eyes, the best colored contact lenses for this classic eye makeup being natural soft tones of blue, brown, gray or green.

The basis of this classic look is to use two neutral eyeshadow colors to choose in the same warm or cool tone to apply on your eyelids, but you can add more colorful shades of eyeshadow when you become more confident.

Start by applying eye primer or concealer on the eyelids to keep your eye shadow last all day long and then line the eyes as desired with eyeshadow by using an angled eye makeup brush.

Select the base color to apply on upper eyelid from lash line to crease by using medium eye makeup brush, gently pat to blend well.

Use the same medium brush to apply the darker eye shadow to the outer 1/3 of the eye lid in the crease to create a “V” shape, apply eyeliner to touch up if needed and then apply the light shade of eye shadow to hightlight the brow bone and the inner eye corner.

The final step is to apply your mascara as much as you like on your upper and lower lashes and it’s all done.

Now you are ready to start your day with this classic eye make up and your favorite color lenses that will help you to change your overall look.

Have a great day.