How to Insert and Remove Contact Lens

How to Insert and Remove Contact Lens


If, as few people you find it difficult to insert and remove contact lenses into your eyes, let us teach you that it isn’t actually difficult at all, and that you just need some training.

Inserting and removing contact lenses requires practice and some patience, but if you follow some easy rules you will be able to do it after just few days of training. It’s not a skill that most people naturally have and it might take a little practice before you feel confident with the complete process, but then, you won’t even remember that you were anxious about inserting and removing your contact lenses.

After a short training this process will become very easy and you won’t have any negative feeling about it, also if you have long fingernails or arthritic hands there are tools to help you, but choose them carefully as some cheap instruments are too fiddly and won’t help you at all.

First, as a picture tells a lot more than words, here is a photo of the position and the way to insert and remove contact lenses, just do as seen on this photo.


how to insert and remove contact lens


Tips about the best practice when using contact lenses.

We advice females using make-up to always put on contacts before applying make-up, so they won’t take any risk to put make up on the lenses, and if you forgot to put your lenses first, carefully clean and rinse your hands before any contact with lenses.

Contact lenses are medical equipment that must pass FDA tests, they are sterile and free of any bacteria or germs, so you must try to keep them as clean as the first day you took them from the box, even when you handle them everyday.

The most important thing to do prior to inserting your contact lenses is to make sure that your hands are clean and dry, then apply a few drops of rinsing solution on your fingertips.

The easiest way is put the right lens in first, and make sure that your lens point upward as if it was ready to cup the eye. If the edges are flat, the lens is inside out, so turn it.

Look at the photo, and try to insert your lenses the same way.

– Stand in front of the mirror with your lens ready to be inserted on your right index finger.

– Turn your head slightly to the right while still looking in the mirror.

– Look at the eye farthest from the mirror, try to see a big expanse of white, and with your left hand widen your eye using the best position for you without hiding your view of mirror, then put the lens on the white part of your eye.

– It’s now time to gently push it in the direction of the colored part of the eye, then blink or close your eyes for a while.

Congratulations! You just put on your first contact lens. You can now repeat the same position for the other eye, and you can use the same hand, follow the same steps, the only difference being that you are working on the other eye.

Removing contact lenses

To remove contact lenses it is even easier, as you have to do the same way you did to insert them: put one finger on the lens, slide it on the white part of your eye, then pinch it out with thumb and forefinger. Or if you don’t want to use your fingers, look down towards the floor, and use 2 pieces of cotton bud to pinch it out instead of your fingers. When removing lenses just remember to relax and keep your eyes opened.

If you find it difficult at the beginning, the first week is the most frustrating, keep trying, and before you know it you will be able to insert and remove your contact lenses without even knowing.

Now you can go out and enjoy the fantastic vision with your new contact lenses as well as the attraction that they will have to others. Do not forget to change your lens color when you change your clothes colors, as it always looks cool to have lenses that match the way you dress.