How to Make a Mummy Halloween Costume

How to Make a Mummy Halloween Costume


As the vampire, the zombie, the witch or other monsters coming from the collective imagination, the mummy is an inescapable Halloween costume.

Numerous tales, legends, stories, comic books or Hollywood movies are based on the Egyptian mummy theme. They contribute to popularize this scary character often represented as a living dead.

How to make a nice Halloween mummy costume ?


Mummy costume is probably the simplest and the cheapest costume to make and there are two main options to make it.


First choice, you need to wear white fit clothes to protect yourself against cold and use white bandage. Find the longest bandages that you can and wrap them around your body including head of course, don’t forget to make holes for the eyes, mouth and nose to let you see and breathe. if you don’t have bandages or don’t want to spend money, you can make your own bandages cutting them in a old white sheet, the result will be more realistic. You can make these bandages look older if you put them in a hot oven for few minutes, they will look a bit burnt and yellow.


When you are ready to wrap the bandage it is better the get help from someone. Start from the feet then the legs, hip, chest, arms neck and finish with your head. To block the bandages if they are too short you can use safety pins and hide them under other bandages.


The second technique is even cheaper than the first one, if you don’t mind that your costume looks funny. Find fit pajamas and wear them before wrapping your body with toilet paper. Use a strong and good quality white toilet paper to get a nice result. There is a warning with this method, this costume becomes highly flammable, accidents already happened, and people turned into a human torch, so, to prevent any risk it is really important to wear cotton pajamas instead of synthetic ones.


How to make mummy makeup ?

Don’t forget the makeup, you can for example darken your eyes contour with eye shadow, or the opposite, whiten them with white foundation to get a pale complexion. If you really want to look like a nice mummy you have to take off the spark of life in your look wearing white circle lenses.You can find on our website, safe and genuine white Korean lenses.

For mummy costume the most popular circle lenses are from the trusted brand Geo, model CP-F1. You can prefer to have bloodshot eyes, spider web eyes or monster eyes, please check our product range called “Cosplay Animation”.


With your bandages and your circle lenses on, you should think about giving diapers to people around you because they are going to shit in their pants !


Happy Halloween, mwahahahahaha!