How To Make a Scarecrow Makeup

How To Make a Scarecrow Makeup

For this Halloween it’s time to change your habits. Skip monster costume and other scary creatures for your Halloween party. Try to add fun and joy in this macabre celebration by choosing to become, for one night, a scarecrow. As you know and its name tell us this character is used to scare crows or other birds in fields to protect the future harvest. The most famous scarecrow that everybody knows in the one from the book and movies “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.


The main advantage with the scarecrow costume is that it is really easy to create, the makeup part is quite easy too. You can choose to add a little supernatural touch to your character to stick to Halloween spirit wearing soft color lenses. These contact lenses are only for cosmetic purpose and won’t change your vision so everybody can wear them. For this character you can for example decide to wear a pair of Geo SF-87 which are “pumpkin orange”. You can also wear something more catchy like the ”electric blue” contact lenses Geo CP-F5. These lenses have the particularity to be opaque, which means that they will fully cover the original color of your eyes.

Even if you have very dark eyes our lenses will be able to cover and totally change the way the look. You can get a real scary look with red circle lenses like the Geo CP-F3.



Scarecrow costume recommendations

For the costume part it is quite simple, an old jeans coverall will do the job, even better if it looks a bit dirty, patched and torn. For the top a red and black squared shirt, and a staw hat. Extra natural straw will be useful to complete your costume. Let exceed from your costume extremities like, sleeves, paints, collar. You can use the same trick with your hat to create fake hair.

Scarecrow Makeup part

As we always recommend you must use a special body or face paint. Apply two layers of yellow paint on your face with a sponge, do the same with your ears and neck. If you wish you can darken the area around your eyes including upper and lower eyelids, it will add a little scary touch to you scarecrow. On the other hand you might prefer to be a sexy scarecrow, in that case just apply black mascara, eyeliner and eye-shadow just to enhance your eyes and look.

With a bit of red face paint or even a lipstick make two plain circles on your cheekbones and an ovale on the extremity of your nose, they will represent patches once you will draw their contour as it is explained in the next step.


Now you can draw some lines on your face with your eyeliner. Remember that a scarecrow face is made with old sack sewed with big thread in some parts. Start to draw a big smile with your black eyeliner or makeup pencil, then make tiny vertical lines to create the illusion of sewing. Still with you black pencil or eyeliner you can draw a vertical dot line in the middle of your face if you wish.


Now that your costume and makeup are ready, be prepared to stick in people mind for Halloween.

Your Halloween will be awesome this year we can feel it at !