How to Make a Witch Broom for Halloween

How to Make a Witch Broom for Halloween ?


How to Make Witch Broom for Halloween ?

Witch costume is one of the best ideas for a Halloween party. The essential accessory to carry with you to complete your witch costume is the broom. Magical of course, a witch can fly when ridding this broom. You can use this broom for decoration and create a unique Halloween atmosphere.




How to make your witch broom ?


The first technique is pretty simple to do, use an old broom stick and a bundle of sticks attached at the end with strings or raffias because it looks natural and it’s eco-friendly. Tie the bundle of sticks strongly with the broom. To make your broom looks more magical, paint it in black and stick some bright stickers stars on it.

Another method that can be done by adults and children and cost almost nothing if you live in the countryside is the following: find a tree branch, no matter if you can’t find a straight one, actually it’s even better. Once you have your stick, attach the bundle of sticks to the big stick as we have explained earlier.

And finally the last possibility if you have a broom stick but no bundle of sticks. Cut thick papers bands or fabrics bands about 12 to 15 inches. You can use your grandma’s wool yarns or something more sophisticated as colorful nylon mesh, black, green and violet which are colors associated to witches. Once you have chosen your material attach it to your stick using for example a colorful orange ribbon, because this is ”the” Halloween color.


If you really want to look like a Halloween witch don’t forget to wear green color lenses. The best lenses for your witch costume are Geo SF-10 or Geo SF-35 , they are perfect to make your character more realistic.

Our lenses are 100% safe and genuine, made in Korea from trusted brands factories. Don’t make your costume without a pair of green circle lenses, otherwise you won’t be different with other Halloween witches of the neighborhood.