How to Make Halloween DIY Halloween Mermaid Costume

How to Make Halloween DIY Halloween Mermaid Costume?

Ariel is the heroine of “The Little Mermaid” Walt Disney’s animation movie inspired from Andersen’s tale and this beautiful character is well know by little girls.

If you want to make your little girl happy and make her look different with the ugly Halloween creatures then create for her this beautiful mermaid costume. The colorful mermaid costume will stand out among the ghosts, skeletons, witches, zombies and aliens.

Different methods exist to create a Halloween mermaid costume, we have chosen to share with you the two easiest and cheapest way to do it.




#1 Halloween mermaid costume method

This mermaid costume is really easy and quick to make. Use a green or blue sheath dress and add more garment around the bottom. This added garment should look like a fish tail or mermaid tail of course. With this costume your child will be free to move as usual, this costume is ideal to dance or play during Halloween. You can add two shells or sea stars on the breast to look like the beautiful Ariel.



#2 Halloween mermaid costume method

Trim a cardboard to create a long dress, long enough to reach mild-calf, you can use staples or adhesive tape to make this dress. First you have to check your child hips circumference and buttock to perfectly adjust the dress and wear it fit . Then trim crêpe paper or any colorful paper to create mermaid scales of your tail, glue as many scales you want. If you want to stick to the Walt Disney’s movie then prefer green scales but any other color will be perfect, you could even create a patchwork if you need. To make this costume more realistic you should hide your feet with tulle or any other light fabric, attach these garment on your ankles. Now we need to complete the set with a matching tail color bra. You can complete your costume bra with two shells or two sea stars.

Mermaid makeup tutorial

About mermaid makeup there is no need to get a heavy makeup to look like Ariel The Little Mermaid. All you need to do is to use green or blue eye shadow on your child eyelids and mascara to highlight the eyes. If you or your child really wants to be like Ariel all you need is to get, a beautiful blue eye color with a pair of colored circle lenses Geo Nova Blue WT-B42 or the Vassen Bubble whitch are the best Korean contact lenses on the market. You can find all the informations you need on our website about our genuine contact lenses, they are all safe and meet international standards like FDA or CE.

Now that your child is the most beautiful mermaid on earth, team wishes you a happy Halloween.