How to Make up Like a Monster for Halloween

How to Make up Like a Monster for Halloween


What kind of monster would you like to be for Halloween ?


Halloween is coming and you can be the monster that you want to be, it’s easy and often free.

You can choose between the ugly monster, the malefic and hideous monster as in Predator or Alien movies, or any other creatures and monsters like Frankenstein, Chucky, Vampire, Werewolf, a Critters or the scary clown of “IT”?


But monsters can be cute and funny sometimes as the monsters in the Pixar’s animation movie Monsters Inc or other Mignons, Bigfoot, Beetlejuice, E.T., Chewbacca or the Ewoks from Star Wars and even Shrek.


You can also choose between monsters with human look as the X-men calling themselves “Mutants”. X-men are numerous but let’s talk about the most famous as Mystic, Malicia, wolverine, Cyclop, Magneto, and other characters from marvel comic books as Hellboy, Spiderman, Hulk, The Thing…


Hollywood films and comic books will be the best source of inspiration to help you find the character that you want to play, but it is also possible to create your own character.

Think about all the accessories you can use to make your transformation comes true: mask, fake latex skin, makeup, costume, cosplay Korean contact lenses


About circle lenses, do you know that numerous different designs are available ?

This accessory will help you to make a real monster or creature as for example with the Geo CP-S8 or red Geo SF-R05 which are ideal to play a bloodthirsty monster, the Geo CP-F2 or Geo SF-10 with their fluorencent colors will be perfect to look like an extraterrestrial. You can even wear a big cat eyes, it is perfect to look like a mutant half-human half-animal with the red Geo CP-Y05 or Geo SF-G05. You’ll find for sure everything that you need in our product range called “Crazy Lenses”


To create your monster makeup, respect the rule that your skin as to be cleaned and moisturized before applying any makeup.

If you don’t have your own idea, you can make it simple, take example with our monster’s photo above, half-woman half-reptile.


To makeup like this you are going to need different colors, a brush and a small sponge. You’ll start with the sponge full of green paint and tap it gently against your face.

You can choose between making shades or plain color with your sponge.

With the help of a thin brush and black paint you will delimit some areas of your face like the mouth, forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.

As you can see on the picture above you can enlarge your mouth to create an animal mouth with sharp fangs.

When your real mouth will be closed it will create the illusion of a roaring monster.


As you can see it is very easy to makeup as a monster for Hallowen, so start thinking about which monster you want to be and order now a pair of color lenses to complete your future costume.