How to Make your Own Christmas Tree Decoration

How to Make your Own Christmas Tree Decoration?


Making your own Christmas decorations from old CD is a good idea to prepare the holiday season. Making your Christmas tree decorations will allow you to add a personnal touch to your home and your Christmas tree. These DIY Christmas decorations are also a nice gift idea and a good way to spend time with your family during a weekend making decorations together and share memories. Holiday season is the best time to gather with your family and a good opportunity to have your home decorated by yourself and your family members or friends.


Making Christmas decorations with CDs is a good way to recycle them instead of just throwing them away. Since the era of MP3 and streaming platform as Netflix, CDs and DVDs are becoming artifacts good to be displayed in a museum.


What we propose you to do now with these CDs is to create disco style Christmas balls using small pieces of CD. Let’s start making our shiny Chrismas DIY accessories now.


Materials needed:


– Transparent balls

– Old CDs

– Little rope or ribbon

– Scissors

– Glue gun


Step by step instructions to make your Christmas ornaments:



1. Use good scissors to cut the CD, the best way is to fold the CD first and use the scissors after to cut the pieces smaller. This trick will save time. The small parts of the CD don’t need to be the same size, the goal is to have different sizes to create a mosaic on the ball.


2. With the glue gun, apply a tiny dot of hot glue on the ball then laid immediately a small part of CD mosaic, the shinny part stay visible of course.


3. To hold your ball steady and keep your hands free the tip is to put your ball on top of a mug or cup, it will make the glue task much more easier.


4. Transparent balls are great to use because you can put something inside. Here we have chosen to put golden ribbon but you can follow your imagination and innovate with something else if you wish. It’s important to put something inside the ball because it will cover the ugly backs of our CDs and the glue that we use.


Once you have repeated the operation with others Christmas balls you can hang them up on your tree or anywhere else in the house, spread love and happiness with different colors.


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