How to Open a Circle Lens Bottle / Vial

How to Open a Circle Lens Bottle / Vial

Do you want to know how to open the contact lenses that you have just received ?

You have never seen such a bottle or vial, so here is how to do to open your contact lenses container.

Some websites will show you a different way to open your contact lenses vials but here is the only correct way to open your lenses bottles, shown on a clear picture.

Opening your Korean lenses vials is not a secret anymore for you and you can now wear your lenses without taking any risk to damage them when you open their bottles.

By doing this way you won’t hurt your fingers and you can be sure to always succeed.


To open a color lens vial first look for the following signs on the bottles.

Signs may vary according to different manufacturers but should be close to what you see on this picture.

Use your thumb to push the bottle lid from the opposite side of the signs.



How to Open Contact Lens Vial Bottle

If you do not find the signs above you will see a mark on the vials and you must push the lid with your thumb where you see the mark.

Then you can remove the metallic lid of the vial.

Be careful because this bottle metallic lid can cut your fingers.

How to Open Contact Lens Vial Bottle



What to do when you receive you new contact lenses


Cosmetic contact lenses or circle contact lenses are packaged in sealed glass vials to keep the lens sterile and you must follow the above steps to open the lenses bottles.

We recommend you to use a knife or scissors tip to insert and push up the vial lid to protect your nails and fingers.

After taking your new contact lenses from their package you must soak them in multi-purpose contact lens solution overnight or at least 6 hours before you wear them for the first time.

For more information please contact Solution Lens or you can visit our blog for more information on how to care your circle lenses.