How To Take Off Stuck Colored Contact Lens In Your Eye ?

How To Take Off Stuck Colored Contact Lens In Your Eye ?




First of all, we need to end the rumor or wrong idea about contact lenses. You must know that it is impossible that a contatc lens slide behind your eye. There is a membrane surrounding and link to your eye and eyelid which can prevent from dust or small particle to slide behind your eye.

On the other hand, after a hard shock or if you rub your eyes too hard, it can occur that the contact lens slide partly under upper or lower eyelid. Don’t worry most of the time this little issue won’t make complications or injuries, but before removing it you should take some precautions. At first before handling your lenses you should wash your hands with soap and dry them perfectly. In a second time, moisturize your cornea with eye drops to slide out easily the contact lens, if it doesn’t work blink your eyes few times and massage gently your upper eyelid to move down the lens. If you really cannot remove your stuck lens with all this tricks then consult an eye doctor.

There is also another case that occurs rarely but which could be dangerous. Sometimes a contact lens can stick to your cornea. This happen when the wearer is suffering of dry eyes and sleep with its lenses. If it happens to you, don’t panic. Simply moisturize few times the eye with eye drops, blink few times an try to take off your contact lens as usual. But if you see that the contact lens doesn’t move then you should see immediately an ophthalmologist or go to an hospital. Insist to remove a stuck contact lens could have bad consequences and harm your cornea or worste as loosing visual acuity until blindness.




You have to know that it is not recommended to sleep at all while wearing any kind of contact lens. If you don’t have this bad habit and if you respect the basic rules of hygiene then you will never have any trouble with your soft colored contact lenses.

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