How to Use Circle Lens

How to Use Circle Lens ?


Nowadays no one needs to have a prescription to buy cosmetic circle lenses without correction also called plano lenses (0.00). These circle lenses are available everywhere, on the Internet, at the supermarket, the drugstore, or down your street. Before buying these eyes accessories you have to know that safety is the key with contact lenses, because even if you don’t need prescription to buy them, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to respect rules when you decide to use them.

Indeed, you have to know that contact lenses never are the source of the problems that can meet wearers, as feeling irritate or uncomfortable, which are only caused by a bad care of these items. These little inconveniences are temporarily and really easy to avoid, we are going to explain you how.

First, you need to buy only genuine circle lenses from trusted brands known for a long time and reviewed on the Internet by users. Try to find out which brand is the best for you and have a look at their characteristics and comfort. Check well where you want to buy your circle lenses, especially online where it is very easy to be scammed by the wrong sellers.

To make the best choice prefer brands meeting international standards and having licences to sell on the biggest markets which are North-American and Europe. If you find circle lenses meeting ISO standards, CE standard (European standard) or FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) the holly grail American standard you should buy them. These standards are a guaranty for your health and all the circle lenses sold on our store as Vassen lenses, Geo Medical lenses, Dueba or Dreamcon have been tested following their rules.

Here are more precautions to take when wearing contact lenses: be selective and attentive about the care solution that you choose. The choice of care solution is as important as the choice of contact lenses. The best and easier is to choose a multi-function solution, this solution should be able to clean, rinse, disinfect, lubricate and preserve your contact lenses. Some brands are inefficient or even worst they can damage your eyes, because their harmful liquid is a copy made in China. Better buy everything that you need on our shop for a total safety as all our products meet the best standards CE, FDA, ISO. All our products have been tested by medical laboratories and our customers have always been satisfied for many years.

If you don’t want that your circle lenses become a danger to your eyes, it is necessary to always wash your hands with soap and dry them with a fabric towel when you need to manipulate them. By the way it is recommended to avoid wearing circle lenses more than 10 hours a day and the good average is 8 hours. Take off your contact lenses when you want to sleep, shower or if you are in an environment saturated with suspended particule as dust, sand or pollens which could stick to your color lenses and cause a discomfort or even infect them.

Last recommendation, take off your contact lenses and don’t hesitate to visit an ophthalmologist if you feel something abnormal with your eyes or your vision. It happens to less than 1% of wearers but if you are not lucky it could happen to you.

Once your contact lenses are on, you should not feel them on your eyes after few minutes and they should not bllur your vision. Some wearers can sometimes experiment a high sensibility to the light, a sensation of tingling, itching, burning or having too much tears, in these cases you need to let your eyes rest without contact lenses for a while. Also clean them one more time with the multi-function solution and try them again after few hours then you should be fine. After each use the circle lenses have to be soaked into a new clean lens solution every night.

Wearing color contact lenses is pleasant but you have to take care of these accessories which are medical quality items even if they are only used for aesthetic purposes. By following our recommendations you will be the prettiest or the most handsome without any risk, so enjoy Korean circle lenses now.