Information About Korean Contact Lens Brands Geo, Dueba, Vassen

Information About Korean Contact Lens Brands Geo, Dueba, Vassen


If you are looking for information about color contact lens because you want to know how to choose cosmetics contact lenses please read this page.

So many of our customers have considered to change their eyes color but don’t know how to choose the best brand of colored contact lenses to purchase from colors lenses stores, but with our experience in colored contact lenses we can help you to choose a proper contact lenses for your eyes that will match your style and your lifestyle, so you will be able to express yourself through your beautiful eyes as you wish.

Thanks to many years of experience in cosmetics contact lenses we now know all what a contact lens seller should know to help his customers choose between different lens brands and models, and we also understand the difference between each brand of circle lenses, the only way to help you to select the proper contact lenses for your eyes and for your style.

As you can see in our Solution Lens customers feedback section our knowledge is guaranteed by many of our satisfied customers whom we helped to choose the best lens. and thanks to our helpful information these customers are now happy returning customers.

You can be sure that the colored contact lenses that we have selected and sell are the safest on the market but also the most comfortable to wear.

Most of the colored contact lenses on the American and European markets come from Korea, and whatever is the brand that you usually buy at your optical shop, you can almost be sure that it is made in Korea by manufacturers as Dueba, Geo, and Vassen contact lens that also supply most of the famous western contact lens brands and allow them to write their own brand on the contact lens boxes.

All these manufacturers have a wide variety of styles and colors to let you choose the best lenses for you, and these colored contact lenses are very nice to make your eyes appear bigger and much more beautiful.

Colors contact lenses available have many different sizes and diameter can be around 14.00 to 15.00 to give you a feeling of bigger eyes, and have different water content from 38% to 55% to provide a soft and fresh feeling when you are wearing these contact lenses. It’s up to you to choose your favorite lenses, as each person is different and has different style.



If you are looking for useful reliable information about each brand of contact lenses available on the market and on our contacts store, please read this.

Dueba contact lenses are now some of the most popular contact lenses in EU and US with more than 60 styles to choose from, all of them very different from each others. If you are looking for fashionable contact lenses and love to change your look every day then these lenses from Dueba will suit you well.

Most of Dueba lenses styles are designed to bring bigger appearance that can make your eyes look really beautiful.

Geo contact lenses or Barbie contact lenses are well known and well renowned in many European countries and in United states, especially because of their classic sexy style.

Geo contact lenses have a perfect size that is very easy and comfortable to wear in any circumstance, and Geo contact lenses are as good for a beginner who wants to try out contact lenses for the first time or anyone who is already addicted to colour lenses and love a classic sexy look. Geo lenses company provides many well known styles of contacts such as Geo Tri color series, Geo Twins series, Geo Angel series, and Geo Nudy series, but certainly many other styles that you will appreciate.

Vassen contact lenses are contact lenses famous because of their printing method. Vassen lenses are made by “sandwich” printing and they are very safe as the color is placed inside the lens without any contact with your eyes. Vassen contact lenses have a high percentage of water content, around 48-55%, that is very good for you if you are looking for a soft contact lens that you can wear with a fresh feeling all day long, also the colors of Vassen are very noticeable and suitable for any natural eye color.

Other Korean manufacturers such as EOS lenses, Belmore lenses or Dream con have similar styles as Geo, Dueba and Vassen but as they are not yet as famous and the demand is not yet high, we do not want to sell them yet, and we advise you to select some Vassen, Dueba, or Geo contact lenses instead, at least until we will have enough feedbacks about EOS contact lenses to be sure that they are safe and reliable.


You can contact us if you need any further information and also send us all your questions about color contact lenses for cosmetic purpose, big eyes contact lenses, or crazy contact lenses.