Is It Bad to Wear Contact Lenses or Cosmetic Lenses Every Day ?

Is it bad to wear contact lenses or cosmetic lenses every day ?


Contact lenses have enjoyed these years numerous technological advancements to make them safer, more comfortable and easier to handle. However, you should not forget that the main danger with contact lenses or cosmetic lenses is a lack of hygiene, meaning the way you take care of them. Your cleansing or multi-purpose solution quality and efficiency are very important. The way you wash your hands before handling your contact lenses, because hands are often source of contamination causes by bacteria. Another important thing is to wear cosmetic lenses or contact lenses for a reasonable amount of time which is between 8 and 10 hours for soft contact lenses, this time is less if you prefer to wear hard contact lenses because they don’t give the oxygen that your eye needs. You have to take off your contact lenses every day before sleeping, even for a nap. Also remove your lenses before taking a shower, a bath or going to swim. You have to be careful to any dry eye sign, it can be itch, irritation, burning feeling, if you have any of this symptoms you should take off your contact lenses and moisturize them with contact lens solution, pour eye drops in your eyes to hydrate them too.

Generally, soft opthalmologic corrective contact lenses are safe and are made to be worn every day if you respect the basic rules of hygiene. If you follow these rules you can wear contact lenses all your life without having any eye problem. If you wear corrective contact lenses you have to wear only those prescribed by your eye doctor to get a perfect vision. New generation corrective contact lenses are able to correct farsightedness and nearsightedness.




About cosmetic contact lenses also called Korean lenses or circle lenses, their purpose is only to change the color of the eyes and improve physical appearance. Circle lenses can be corrective or only decorative. The basic rules of hygiene are the same as opthalmologic contact lenses. If you choose to wear cosmetic contact lenses you won’t need any prescription from your eye doctor. The important thing to do is to buy only genuine colored lenses made buy trusted brands. Choose only a seller than you can trust as and see how we are trusted by thousands of consumers around the world. We sell only contact lenses that meet international standards as ISO, FDA or CE because we care our customer health. On you can only find high quality colored contact lens brands as Vassen, Dueba and Geo which are brand leader in the cosmetic contact lens business. These contact lenses are your best ally to be special every day.