Is it Dangerous to Sleep with my Contact Lens ?

Is it Dangerous to Sleep with my Contact Lens ?


Colored contact lenses are not more dangerous than prescription contact lenses.
Unlike prescription contact lenses which can be sometimes solid, colored contact lenses are always made of soft material. This soft material called “hydrogel” is can let the eye breathe, which means that gaz, mostly air and oxygen can get through the circle lens and give to your eye the oxygen that it needs.


Anyway, it is better to avoid sleeping with contact lenses or circle lenses on.


The main danger of wearing contact lenses during your sleep is that your eyes won’t get enough oxygen because they are covered by the contact lenses and your eyelids, when your eyes are closed, so they won’t produce tears enough to moisturize both eyes and contact lenses.

Sleeping all night with contact lenses can result in a painful morning. Your eyes can be irritated, become red and give you a burning feeling. Worse, your soft contact lenses can stick to your cornea and have irreversible consequences to your eyes.


Danger is increased with Korean lenses also called circle lenses which have an larger diameter than usual colored lenses. They are more dangerous if you sleep with them because these circle lenses cover a bigger part of the eye (cornea). For regular use, circle lenses are totally safe as any other kind of soft contact lenses if you respect the basic rules of hygiene.


Here is a tip now, if you accidentally feel asleep while wearing your soft colored contact lenses you shouldn’t rush to take them off, because you could harm your eyes.

Take it easy, first pour some eye drops as for example multipurpose solution, blink your eyes few times then gently try to remove the contact lenses. If you feel that your contact lenses are still stuck into your eyes, then try to add more solution, if you feel that you cannot remove your lenses yourself then you have to consult an eye doctor immediately.



Nowadays a new contact lenses generation has been created to be worn day and night but they are only prescription contact lenses. This technology is more expensive and has not reached yet the cosmetic contact lenses world.


To sum up, it is very important not to keep any kind of soft contact lenses even for a short nap and especially if you are suffering of dry eye syndrome. For a full night sleep it is necessary to take off your contact lenses.


You will never have any eye issue if you follow this 2 simple guidelines:
– Respect the basic rules of hygiene.
– Remove contact lenses before sleeping.

Now that you are aware about the right things to do with your soft contact lenses, then it’s time to visit our product pages and get the best colored circle lenses, accessories or contact lens care solutions, we hope to see you soon.