Is it Dangerous to Wear Color Contact Lenses During a Flight

Is it Dangerous to Wear Color Contact Lenses During a Flight


You are addicted to your Korean circle lenses also called color lenses or contact lenses but you are wondering if it is dangerous to wear your contact lenses during a flight or a long-distance flight?

It is totally normal to wonder if flying in an airplane with contact lenses is safe, because it is well known that the quantity of oxygen drops in an airplane. Atmospheric pressure in high altitude is different from the ground, humidity level is also lower in an airplane.

Everyone who has already taken a plane noticed quickly that throat and sinus are dry. This is caused mostly by air conditioner and pressure system which release air to the cabin of the plane. Sometimes you can get that air directly into your face and your eyes, it will make your feel dehydrated and dry faster. Contact lenses contain around 40% of water, the water quantity can vary depending on brand or design, this is why just as your body circle lenses can dry easily in an airplane. 

If you want to have a safe flight and avoid issues with your eyes and contact lenses your should follow the recommendations bellow.

Make sure that you always carry with you a bottle of eye lubricant and lens care solution to be able to moisturize and disinfect your circle lenses anytime.

Be careful in airplane, passengers are allowed to carry in the cabin vials or bottles not bigger than 100ml (3.4 us fl oz). The airport staff will check your bags anyway and will separate all your liquids in a transparent plastic bag before they let you board the flight, so it is better to order some of our small travel lens solutions.

Always keep with you a spare pair of circle lenses when you travel in case you damage one of your lenses, then you will be able to change it instantly.

During the flight if you feel uncomfortable with your circle lenses on or if your eyes prickle and are irritated don’t hesitate to moisturize your circle lenses and your eyes with the lens care solution. If you are experiencing these issues for too long you must put back your circle lenses in their case and wear your glasses instead.

If you plan to sleep in the plane with your contact lenses on, it is a bad idea even for a nap. With all the special conditions onboard of a plane, it is possible that even after a short nap your will face difficulties to take off your contact lenses. So when you start to fall asleep take off your lenses right away and enjoy a safe sleep.

Protect your spare circle lenses and their lens care solution by placing them into a zip bag and check that nothing leaks.

Traveling in an airplane has to be a pleasing and relaxing moment, if you respect carefully our recommendations you won’t have to worry about anything.

The last point to have a safe trip is to buy good quality products. Come to visit our online boutique and be amazed by the choice of genuine color lenses available. All our color lenses are trusted brands as Vassen, Dueba, Geo Medical and Dreamcon.