Know Everything about Contact Lenses (circle lenses)

Know Everything about Contact Lenses (circle lenses)


Can I rinse or clean contact lenses with physiological saline?

Only if you have no other choice, yes, it is always better to use physiological saline than using tap water if you don’t have contact lens care multi-purpose solution. What you have to know with physiological saline is that you can’t use it for your daily lens care, this solution has to be casual and be replaced by contact lens care multi-purpose solution as soon as possible. One of the purpose of the multi-function solution is to clean protein made by the eye which are left on the contact lens, and another one is to clean and remove bacteria. The physiological serum will only be able to rinse, lubricate and moisturize your contact lenses.


Does anti-reflective contact lens to work in front of computer screen exist ?

Indeed, opthalmologic contact lenses with anti-reflection treatment, polarized or anti UV do exist. These contact lenses even exist in different tones like, yellow, gris, pink, blue, green, brown like eyeglasses and sunglasses.


It is possible to have a nap with contact lenses on ?

Even a short nap is not recommended, while sleeping your eyes are not blinking and don’t get oxygen anymore. In most cases you will just feel a little dryness which can be fixed with contact lens multi-purpose solution, but sometimes issues can occur. For example if you make a long nap or even worst, if you keep your circle lenses a whole night, your eyes can become red and irritated which is painful and make you feel that your eyes are “burning”. For the unluckiest persons, contact lens can really stick to the cornea and have bad consequences for the eye.


Can I wear contact lenses if I’m astigmatic?

Yes you can, there is no contraindication, astigmatic people can wear contact lenses which are especially made for this vision problem, nearsightedness and foresightedness also exist.


Can my eyes breathe with contact lenses on ?

Yes they can, thanks to soft contact lenses which are porous and made with a material called “hydrogel” . The hydrogel can absorb water and let the eyes breathe. A special contact lens product range has been created for people with eye dryness issues.


Can I borrow contact lenses from someone else ?

You have to get rid of this idea, even if you think that you can clean and disinfect the contact lenses with a cleaning solution. The risk of contamination is multiplied when the contact lenses are not yours and the result will be eye issues or sometimes even irreversible consequences.


Until what age can I wear contact lenses ?

There is no age limit, young or old, the person using contact lenses should know and be able to respect the basic rules of hygiene to avoid any eye infection, but also the right moves to put contact lenses on.


Can contact lenses stop me from making up ?

Ladies don’t worry ! Even with contact lenses you can show the best of yourself and be gorgeous. Contact lenses or circle lenses, are today common fashion accessories and can be used to enhanced a look and match your makeup, dress, shoes, hairstyle… It is recommended to wear your circle lenses after your makeup and not before, otherwise you take the risk to have some makeup powder or eyeliner stick on your contact lenses.


Can I use contact lens after expiry date written on the vial ?

Absolutely not ! As you don’t do it with food you have to respect the same rule with your contact lenses, just throw your contact lenses away. If your contact lenses lifetime has expired, their texture can change and become irritating or cause eye infection.


What does “base curve (BC)” means ?

If you look to an ophthalmologist prescription you will probably find the letters BC or the words, base curve followed by a number in millimeters. This number is the most important to know which contact lens will suit you the most. This is important to know the base curve especially for a first contact lens use.