Korean Circle Lens Dropshipping Store

Korean Circle Lens Dropshipping Store


Are you looking for a good business online which can give you a complement income quickly without too much work

We propose you to do dropshipping, an e-business partnership with our web store Solution-Lens.com.

This business will suit especially people who do not want to buy a stock of products to manage and don’t want to take care of shipping process to their customers: we will do the shipping for you and your customers won’t know that you didn’t send their order.


To sell circle lenses without having to buy products and manage a stock you just need to have a blog or a website which is related to fashion or beauty, any other theme related to girls/women trends will be fine too.


The approach is very simple. Talk on your website, your blog or your facebook page about the contact lenses sold on our web store Solution-Lens.com, when someone is interested and want to buy a pair or more of contact lenses, visit Solution-Lens.com and order the needed circle lenses.

Of course before buying contact lenses on our web store you have to make sure that your customer have paid you, for example with a Paypal account for more safety, then you order the products that your customer wants on our shop and notify us that it is a dropshipping order. When we send a dropshipping order our company name is not shown to your customers. The parcel is sent directly to your customer’s delivery address. This is the concept of dropshipping, your customer won’t know from which web store the circle lenses come from.

This way you are able to keep your customers because they will continue to order the color lenses that they need from your website, your blog , your facebook or any other social media. They will like your shop because delivery is quick, because we always send orders the same day when we receive them, so your customers receive their parcels quickly.


Order contact lenses on our online boutique every time when you receive an order from your customers and get free color lenses credit. After you have bought 10 pairs of contact lenses on Solution-Lens.com, you are automatically credited of 5 free contact lenses pairs on our website.
It means that the next time you have to oder contact lenses on our web store for your customers, we will ship worldwide and for free 5 pairs of contact lenses of your choice, a part of your profit.
This way the next 5 pairs that you will need for your customers will be free of charge meaning they will cost you $0.0, but will bring you at least $100 profit (you have sold these contact lenses but you do not have to pay them on our store). The contact lenses will be sent for free as usual to your customers addresses that you will provide. All you have to do on your side is to put the money of these 5 free pairs from your customers in your pocket. It is as simple as it looks.


Make the math now and you will see how easy it is to get profit with these 5 free pairs. Lets say that you sell $20 a pair X 5 pairs = $100. It is clear now that every time you sell 10 pairs of contact lenses on your website or blog you will make $100 profit at least. This offer is unlimited on Solution-Lens.com you can earn $100 every 10 pairs sold as many times as you want. You can even make more profit if you sell your contact lenses $25, $30 or even more, your customers will be ready to pay more because they trust you amd like your shop.


Honestly this is easy money to make especially if you have a website or a blog and spread advertising on the social networks as Facebook, Tweetter, Instagram, pinterest … All your friends, family, coworkers or any other people will know that you sell amazing contact lenses and will want to order from you.

Our contact lenses prices are very competitive and the choice in our catalog is incredible, you won’t have any difficulties to sell our circle lenses. In the mean time contact lenses are becoming very trendy products that everyone can wear, women, men or even kids.


So, to make money quickly enjoy our dropshipping offer and sell contact lenses without worrying about stock or shipping, we take care of everything for you.