Korean Contact Lens Mexico Delivery

Korean Contact Lens Mexico Delivery


 Korean Contact Lens Mexico Delivery

If you are looking for a contact lens shop that will send your order to Mexico Solution-lens.com is happy to announce that delivery is also free for our customers from Mexico.

We send parcels to Mexico exclusively by Registered airmail by using a public post service because this is the only way to avoid customs duty.

We used to send orders to Mexico by Express mail (EMS service) or Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT and other cargo companies but it is not possible anymore.

Any order sent to Mexico by Express mail will be caught by Mexico customs and customers who are lucky enough to be able to get their parcel will have to pay high tax rate. Sometimes customs do not even let parcel enter the country if you do not contact them to propose to pay duty.

The only way to avoid customs clearance is to send circle lenses by Registered airmail to Mexico but we have to warn our customs that we now have evidence that Mexico customs intentionally process Airmail parcels very slowly to push people to use Express shipping (and then ask for tax payment).

Korean Contact Lens Mexico Delivery

It is not a coincidence that Mexico is the only destination to which shipping of our customers orders is very slow (often 1 month), and we have received information to confirm what we were thinking: priority is given to Express mail parcels to assure revenue to Mexico customs and even though Airmail parcels are not checked by custom officers already busy making money with Express parcels these parcels are delayed. We remind our customers that we ship all orders declared as “Gift / Sample” with $20 value to make sure that no tax will have to be paid.

Even worse, Airmail parcels tracking number is only scanned when parcels are leaving customs office to make sure that customers worry about their parcel being sent or not and it is the reason why it is not possible to find accurate information on our post website and on Mexico post website until parcels are about to be delivered.


Luckily you can see on our post office website that your order has been shipped, then there is nothing to do but expect that your order will be released by customs quickly.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing else that we can do for our Mexican customers but guarantee that we ship all orders within 24 hours and that they will receive their contact lenses within one month.

Thank you for your trust in our service and products and thank you to contact Solution-lens.com if you have any idea about how to ship orders to Mexico faster.

How to track color lens orders sent to Mexico:
 Korean Contact Lens Mexico Delivery