Korean Contact Lens Russia Delivery

Korean Contact Lens Russia Delivery






Russian people are very nice people who like fashion and Russian girls are some of the most beautiful girls in the world, with perfect bodies and very cute face.

Russian women are pretty and like to dress sexy, they enjoy make up but also eyes accessories as circle lenses and other color lenses to improve their look.

More and more visitors from Russia contact us to ask if we also deliver for free to Russia. The reply is yes and we are very happy to announce that not enough Registered airmail is available to Russia but we will also send your lenses by Express mail if you order at least 5 pairs (+2 free): it means that you will get your order within 5 days if you order at least 5 pairs and within 2 weeks if you order less than 5 pairs.

Circle lenses are not yet very famous in Russia but we are sure that these fashion conscious people will be more and more to enjoy changing the color of their eyes and showing the brightest blue or green color with a perfect design.

Color lenses are an easy way to change your style or improve your look instantly and you don’t need to spend a lot in luxury items as Vuitton bags, Chanel shoes or any other luxury to look at your best, just order a good quality pair of circle lenses from Korea and you will already look outstanding.

It is difficult to find reliable color lenses suppliers in Russia, so if you want to resell our products in your country you can also contact us as we have special offers for resellers. We propose dropshipping to Russia but also wholesale prices, so you can select what is the most interesting for you and we will be happy to work with you.

Drop shipping is a good way to sell contact lenses if you do not want to invest and buy lenses in advance: we will send orders to your customers in anonymous packaging and your customers will keep ordering from your shop for the price you want to sell. If you own a blog, a Facebook page or a Youtube account you can promote our products on your page and sell them to your visitors, then just order on our store what your readers want and we will send these products directly to your customers without added cost.

But if you want to make more profit you can buy 10, 20 or 50 pairs of circle lenses and get the best price available online for authentic circle lenses from Korea.

So if you want to buy color lenses delivered to Russia for yourself and your friend or if you want to buy wholesale circle lenses to sell them in your country just place an order on our store or contact Solution-lens.com customer service if you need more information.

We will always try to help you to find your wished products for yourself or to sell our products to your customer, so whatever is your problem just think that we will find a solution and that we are sure to get for you and send to Russia the nicest circle lenses for the most beautiful girl.