Kpop did not Change my Life but it’s Okay

Kpop did not Change my Life but it’s Okay


In the form of testimonial, Cosmopolitan magazine wrote in its April release an article titled “Kpop has changed my life”, well done, but I didn’t recognized myself in this article. And I think I’m not the only one.

I’m far to be stranger to South Korea culture, actually I even know it pretty well. so I wanted to reply back this article and tell you that being close to Kpop culture did not change my life.


I didn’t color my hair in red


Or in blue, pink or any other color. Apparently this is a regular trick for Kpop lovers. But all the people interested in Kpop are not recognizable in the street, because they don’t necessary copy Kpop’s culture style. Having red or green hair is also a state of mind.

For example, I’m really more open mind about fashion now. After seeing Kpop my style has changed from regular to something with little eccentric touches.

I didn’t make Kpop my religion, I really admire people who made it and live thanks to their passion.


I didn’t quit smoking to have a healthier life

Because I didn’t smoke before.

I started to eat healthy but not thanks to Kpop… I did it thanks to my Korean roommate who taught me to fill up my body with healthy stuffs.

I don’t think that Kpop can make you eat a better way but it only depends of what you need. Maybe you feel like eating better food and take your time to cook and share a meal, maybe not. By the way, one of the young women testifies in Cosmopolitan, that finally after weeks spent in South Korea eating veggies she got bored. On the contrary, to me, South Korea is an endless source of inspiration about healthy cuisine.

Diet criteria are really extreme in Kpop because the idols always have full schedule. Even if they look really fit and healthy, I believe that they don’t eat much, maybe like everyone in the rush they eat instant food as instant noodles which is not dietetic at all.


I didn’t find a better way of life


This is the most interesting part of the article to me. How South Korea can talk to other cultures when being permanently assaulted by American culture which often referring to sex in video clips and movies ?

How Korea matches its promotion of an ordered lifestyle, respectful of the family, and the expectations of the American society ?

This is a real subject which will be good to treat one day, just to talk about people diversity.



I start to think differently and I am more open mind


Kpop seems to have no complex and it has allowed me to have another approach of my conception of taste, beauty and what is beautiful or not.

Now I put more of “no sense” in my life. Not because I’m old, but because I feel younger when in touch with today world.

I’m not interested to copy Korean culture. For example I don’t end a chat conversation with “Aish” or “Aigoo” which in english will be “LOL” and “OMG” because most of the time I am with people who couldn’t understand these terms. It won’t even cross my mind to use these terms because my korean friends would feel like I try to imitate them.

However, when a friend of mine who doesn’t know Kpop culture has seen the choregraphy of “Catch me” from TVXQ Korean boys band, he told me that it reminds him a western musical show.

I said “yes”, we live in a society opened enough to let people take their inspiration from another culture.


To finish, I didn’t find my boyfriend thanks to Kpop and actually I do not like Kpop boys because they all look gay.