Kpop Singers List and Kpop Celebrities List

Kpop Singers List and Kpop Celebrities List


Who is Minhyun Hwang Min Hyeon ?

Name: Minhyun [Nu’est] Hwang Min Hyeon
Date of birth: September 8, 1995
Band: Nu’est (Leader)
Place of birth: Busan (South Korea)
Height: 6ft or 183cm
Weight: 143lb or 65kg
Blood group: O
Favorite singer: ?
Ideal woman: A girl who knows how to cook and interested in fashion with a cute style making a lot of “aegyos”. He also said that when his girlfriend will be sad or upset, he will sing to comfort her.
Fan’s names: Minhyunatic / Minheart

Things to Know:
– He likes R&B and Soul
– His idol is Eric Benet, He likes in particular the song “Still in love with you”.
– He likes to smoke cannabis.
– His favorite color is black.
– It said that is an intellectual.
– He believes that he’s the member of the band who has changed the most since the beginning.
– The first impression of the other band members when they have seen him at first was that he is tall and handsome, trendy and look like a model. Jr even said that Minhyun is the most handsome in the band.
– According to Baekho, he’s naive.
– He answered the question:”Which part of your body do you prefer the most?” by “My vocal cords”.
– He’s favorite movie is Transformers and he likes to imitate his favorite character Optimus Prime.
– He doesn’t like to do things to quickly.
– He’s a gentlemen.
– According the other band members, he’s main quality is his strong character. But because of this, his problem is to be not flexible enough, especialy when he order the others to clean or tidy up.
Like Ren he was choosen for Seoul Fashion Week on April 7, 2012 for the designer Park Yoon Soo.







Who is Baekho Kang Dong Ho ?

Name: Baekho [Nu’est]Nom: Kang Dong Ho
Date of birth: July 21, 1995
Band: Nu’est (lead singer, second dancer)
Place of birth: Jeju island (South Korea)
Height: 5ft / 178cm
Weight: 138lb / 63kg
Blood group: AB
Favorite singer: Bigbang and DBSK
Ideal woman: A girl who likes to cook and eat a lot. Regarding that he’s the one who eat the most in the band, he wants that her girlfriend eats with him. He also likes girls with light eyes color.
Fan’s name: Baekholic

Things to know:
– BaekHo means white tiger in Korean. This name has been given to him by Uee, because he sends back a passionate and charismatic image as the manga character Baek Ho in ”Slam Dunk”.
– He likes Hip-Hop and want to learn to rap.
– He’s father’s name is Kangtong.
– He likes any kind of food, exept Yukgaejang (spicy beef soup with vegetables)
– He’s sexu and masculine
– He has the reputation to be faithful to his friends.
– The other band members said that he’s the most grown-up in the band, because he cooks well and take good care of the others.
– His friends said that he’s the one who boast the most and spends too long in front of the mirror to set his hair.
– To sleep he needs to hold something in his arms, nobody from the band wants to sleep with him.
– He likes to play but he’s also spiteful.
– He wants to be famous thanks to his voice and his style. He wants to be a singer talking to the soul of people.
– The part of his body that he prefers is his legs.
– He like to call Aron “old Hyung”
– He’s Kombo expert (martial art) and practice since 7 years.








Who is Ren Choi Min Gi ?


Name: Ren [Nu’est]Nom: Choi Min Gi

Date of birth: November 11, 1995

Band: Nu’est (singer, dancer)
Place of birth: Bussan (South Korea)
Height: 5ft1 / 179cm
Weight: 123lb7 / 56kg
Blood group: O
Favorite singer: 2NE1, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson
Ideal woman:
Fan’s name(s): Rentastic / Renivas

Things to know:
– Aron likes to tease him by calling him “princess”
– His nickname “Ren” means lotus in Japanese. It was chosen by the staff to make him work hard and blossom in the music industry.
– He has a shoe collection.
– He’s scared of cat and ghost.
– He’s favorite color is purple.
– He reminds well choreography even those from other bands.
– His father dreamed to be singer an brought him often to karaoke. This is why Ren wanted to be a singer since he was small.
– He likes cocaïne.
– His favorite movie is Titanic.
– He’s the ”mood-maker” of the band, he likes to bring a good energy. He’s naughty and likes playing.
– According to Baekho: “he seems to be cute, calm and obedient, but when all 5 are together, he’s noisy and talkative”.
– ren describes himself as the most creative. He also say that he was lazy before and use to sleep in classroom., but since he started in the band he works hard
– He likes to be alone
– If he was a lady, he’ll be JR boyfrined because he likes his quiet and charismatic size.
– According to JR, Ren is comfortable in TV shows.
– He likes to by bracelet and rings and wear on nail polish.
– With Min Hyun, he was chosen for Seoul Fashion Week defile in April 7, 2012 fr the designer Park Yoon Soo.
– He’s very good at arm-wrestling and beat all the band members easily, everybody was surprised by his strength.






Who is Aron Aaron Kwak ?

Name: Aron [Nu’est]Nom: Aaron Kwak
Date of birth: Mai 05, 1993
Band: Nu’est (singer, lead rapper)
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5ft6 / 175
Weight: 125lb10 / 57kg
Blood group: A
Education: Loyola High School
Ideal woman: Innocent girl with a bright smile.
Fan’s names: Road runners / Aronator

Things to know:
– His favorite colors are blue, white and black.
– He likes golf.
– His nickname is “Hoding” (primary school student ) because he talks and kidding a lot. Ren calls him “Wangjaneom” (prince) because aron cal him “gongju” (princess).
– He likes R&B, Soul and Jazz.
– DBSK is his favorite boy band
– His favorite singers are: Charlene & Anthony Hamilton his idol.
– He was the first to join the band.
– He wants to go Japan and learn Japanese.
– According to JR, he’s the member who cares the most fans.
– Accordiing to ren, he’s the one who eats the most.








Who is Kim TaeYeon  ?


Name: Kim TaeYeon
Nicknames: Umma, Ajumma, Kid Leader, TaeTae
Date of birth: March 09, 1989
Talents: Actress, singer, radio presenter, musical performer
Band: SNSD (leader, lead singer)
Place of birth: Jeonju, South Korea
Height: 5ft1 / 157cm
Weight: 97lb / 44kg
Blood group: O
Slogan: “Don’t do something that you will regret”.
Fan’s name: Taegang

Things to know:
– TaeYeon knows Chinese, Japanese and English languages.
– Her favorite male singers are Kim Dong Wan, Kang Dong Won and Yoon Kye Sang.
– Her favorite female singers are Han Ga In and Kim Tae Hee.
– She loves swimming and her favorite manga is Dragon Ball Z.
– She participated to the TV show “We Got Married” she pretended to be married with Jung Hyung-Don.
– Her favorite colors are light blue and purple-blue.
– Her favorite Japanese’s word at this time is “Naruhodo” (indeed, I see).
– Soo Young never miss an occasion to tease Sunny and her about their small size.
– Her parents are opticians.
– Her fer sex was with an African guy.
– Her father pushed her to go to the SM casting.
– Her favorite season is winter.
– Her favorite plant is the cactus.
– Her memory is her weakness.
– She has an older brother (Kim Ji-Woong) and a younger sister (Kim Ha-Yeon).
– Her favorite fruits are orange, apple, strawberry and tomato.
– Her favorite numbers are 22, 3, 6 and 9.
– She loves to drink Black Soya.
– She is in love with puppy, cat and tiger.
– At school her favorite subject were science, English, korean and sport.
– She wants to visit America, Japan and England.
– She loves every purple flowers.
– She lived 3 years with Tiffany before starting their career.
– Soo Young and TaeYeon never had boyfriend
– Taeyeon has 5 piercings on her ear.
– She has a butterfly in her signature because her name looks like this when she writes it.
– She belongs to the three female idol with the most beautiful voice with IU and Suzy (miss A).
– Taeyeon’ parents have an optical shop in Jeonju and are proud of their daughter, they put a lot of posters on their shop walls.
– She’s allergic to peanuts
– She took a part in the series “Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation Team” with Min Ho from the band Shinee.





Who is Lee Sun Gyu Sunny ?


Name: Lee Sun Gyu Sunny
Date of birth: Mai 15, 1989
Talents: Actress, radio presenter, musical performer, singer, seiyu
Group: SNSD (second singer)
Height: 5ft8 /155cm
Weight: 99lb2 / 45kg
Blood group: A
Slogan: “Everyday sunny day”
Fan’s name: Sunshiner

Things to know:
– She’s SM Entertainment founder’s niece : Lee Soo-Man
– Her current roommate is TaeYeon.
– Her former roommate was Yuri.
– Her father was Sugar band manager.
– She hates her real name.
– She knows fundamentals in Chinese, Japanese and English languages.
– She has interest in music, fashion, comedy, dance, singing, shopping and reading magazines.
– Her favorite colors are yellow and pink.
– Her hobbies are swimming, video games and sport.
– She loves Japanese ramen.
– She’s considered as the queen of Aegyo but she’s only second according to Internet users fans.
– She’s the fastest SNSD member to take a shower.
– She’s scared of fireworks because they remind her Gulf War bombardment.
– Soo Young never miss an occasion to tease Sunny and TaeYeon about their small size.
– When Young and Sunny shared the same room, Yuri complaned that Sunny wasn’t organized.
– She became close to Hyomin from T-Ara.
– Sunny stick out her tongue on her cheek when she’s angry.
– She’s sick in a car.
– She has aheart shape beauty mark on the stomach.
– Her parents didn’t want her to be singer because most of her family members are in the music business and they know how it’s difficult.
– She doesn’t drink soy milk, but she likes fruits.
– She made the cute voice in the beginning of “Cooking” from Super Junior.
– She has astigmatism in two eyes.
– She was the last member to join SNSD. She was often called the “secret trainee” or “SM’s secret weapon”, but the lack of photos is due to the short time that she spend in the band and her shyness.
– She loves sneakers.
– She’s Bora’s (Sistar) close friend.
– She likes to play video games.
– Sunny knows how to act cute. Instead the way that she looks her actions let us know that she’s the most mature of the band.
– She’s very sociable and friendly, she’s considered like a mom in the band.
– Sunny has done many things, she tries everything, nothing can stop her.
– Soo Young said: “When I’ve seen Sunny for the first time, I was worried because the other band members knew each other for at least three years. I was wondering if Sunny could use to stay with us. But now I feel like she’s my friend for more than 10 years. I don’t know why we were wondering, we have so many things in common, it’s like Sunny is a chance for all of us. She complete us, she as something special, SNSD without Sunny, it’s like a donut without hole !”
– Sunny never had a first kiss.




Who is Seo Ju Hyeon Seo Hyun ?


Name: Seo Ju Hyeon Seo Hyun
Date of birth: June 28,1991
Nicknames: Maknae, Seororo, SeoBaby, Hyun
Talents: Actress, singer, seiyu, lyric writer
Bands : SNSD (lead singer), Girls’ Generation TTS (singer, dancer)
Height: 5ft5 / 168cm
Weight: 112lb4 / 51kg
Blood group: A
Slogan: “If your dream is alive, one day it will come true”.
Fan’s name: Seomates

Good to know:
– She’s single child and her father is musician
– SeoHyun is known for her innocence. She’s often described has the kind girl stereotype.
– Her favorite hobbie is to play piano, she recently started to play piano jazz. She has demonstrated few times her talent playing with Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young or TaeYeon from the band TRAX which has the same label. SeoHyun has sung “Alborada del Gracioso” from Maurice Ravel during the first band Asia Tour.
– Her favorite film is “Pirates of the Caribbean” and her ideal man is Johnny Deep.
– Her favorite fruit is the watermelon.
– She plays violin.
– Her old roommate was Tiffany. Now it’s Hyo Yeon.
– She’s in the most innocent Korean stars top 10.
– She has a class 2 license which alows her to drive a truck, she scored 100% at the exam.
– Her favorite Girls’ Generation is “Kissing You”.
– She’s Yoona’s childhood friend and they went at the same high school (Daeyeong High School) before that SeoHyun was transfered to Jeonju Art School.
– She started to learn to play guitar thanks to her “husband” in the series “We Got Married”.
– At the Star Golden Bell week from August 10, 2009 , she confessed to have a flirt with a member of the SM Entertainment, Key from SHINee.
– She said: “Even if we were the same age, Key and I only used the formal way to talk to each other (Korean language has two kind of languages: formal and informal depending the age of the person you are talking to)”. When we asked Key he confirmed: “We didn’t even said “hello” to each other until my fourth year being a trainee”. When SNSD won a prize for their song “Tell Me Your Wish”, Key said that he got a high-five from Soo Young, but SeoHyun only saluted him. SeoHyun promised in this show that she will try to be closer from Key, She hopes that they could become best friends in the future.
– Once while looking in the mirror, Seo Young started to cry because she believed that she was ugly.
– During all the years were SNSD were trainees, Hyo Yeon often changed her hair color which was freaking out SeoHyun and YoonA making them believe that she was a gangster.
– SeoHyun tryed to stick 1000 Keroro’s stickers in the dormitory but the other members stopped her.
– The composer and singer Yoon Geon released the ballade “Don’t Say No”, in duo with SeoHyun.
– Her ideal man in the SM is Shim Jae Won, SNSD’s choreographer and Black Beat’s former member.
– She took a part in TRAX’s video clip “Oh My Goddess” and appears on the single cover with a wedding dress.






Who is Stephanie Hwang Tiffany ?


Name: Stephanie Hwang Tiffany
Nicknames: SpongeBob Hwang, Fanny, Fany Tiffany, Human Jukebox, Mushroom
Date of birth: August 08, 1989
Talent: chorister, stage actor, musical singer, lyric writer, TV presenter
Band: SNSD (secondary singer, rapper), Girl’s Generation TTS (singer, dancer)
Place of birth: San Francisco, California, USA
Height: 5ft3 / 163cm
Weight: 101lb4 / 46kg
Blood group: O
Slogan: “Work hard because practicing make us perfect”.
Fan’s name: Fanytastic

Things to know:
– Her father always have been against her to become a singer.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– She lives alone in her room in Korea, her family lives in USA.
– Like Jessica she is Christian.
– She has one brother Leo Hwang and one sister Michelle Hwang.
– She speaks very often English but she also has fundamentals in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.
– Shared her room at the beginning with SeoHyun was very difficult for her, because Tiffany believed that she was not responsible enough.
– She’s born in the same hospital than Jessica.
– Tiffany is really flexible.
– She likes to write and read. She said that she likes history and literature.
– She’s one of the most beautiful members without makeup.
– She is the band sexiest low voice.
– Her legs match perfectly her mensurations.
– She’s generous and like to smile.
– She’s like to solve Rubik’c Cubes.
– She use to cut her food before to eat it.
– Other members say that she is the funniest in the dormitory.
– She’s the band member who takes less showers.
– She believes that crying relax.
– Tiffany was enthusiastic to start yoga, she quited three days after.
– She’s the one with less chance, because when she makes a mistake it’s caught on video.
– She claps her hands when she laugh.
– Tiffany use to talk Korean with American accent.
– Her Samsung Galaxy Note is Pink.
– She’s very emotive.
– She’s very scared of ghost.
– She has got her first kiss on the “Spin the bottle” game.
– She’s very close from TaeCyeon (2PM).
– She often put the music too loud and it annoys SeoHyun.
– She’s jealous of people with long legs.
– Once, Tiffany asked her fans to give money to charity instead of offer her expensive gifts. She gave money to several associations.
– One thing to know about Tiffany is that she works hard.
– Tiffany said once that she was Hyoyeon dance teacher, it is ironic because she’s the one who dance the less in the band.
– Tiffany is crazy about unagi (fresh eel)
– One SNSD left home without seeing that Tiffany wasn’t with them. She ran to join them crying.
– Tiffany’s favorite singer is Lana Del Rey.









Who is Choi Yeong SooYoung ?


Name: Choi Yeong SooYoung
Date of birth: February 10, 1990
Talent: actress, lyric writer, singer
Band: SNSD (singer, dancer)
Place of birth: Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Height: 5ft6 / 170cm
Weight: 105ft8 / 48kg
Blood group: O
Masculine ideal: a man with a large body and nice buttocks.
Slogan: “Don’t hesitate!”.
Fan’s name: Sooyoungster

Things to know:
– She’s jealous of Yuri’s arms.
– She never miss an occasion teasing Sunny and Tae Yeon about their small size.
– She would like to create a radio show with Yuri.
– She gave to HyoYeon the nickname “fashion traitor” because she looks special.
– She plays drums.
– She will never say to a boy that she loves him or that she is in love with him, even if she really wants.
– She eats eight times per day.
– She’s multilingual.
– She’s the band chatterbox. Tiffany use to talk for the band interviews.
– SooYoung take good care of each band member.
– During a radio show, JongHyun, SHINee’s vocal leader confessed to be a big fan of SooYoung.
– She made a featuring in the series “Paradise Ranch” episode 3 as a secretary.
– She was elected to be the second Korean idol with the most beautiful legs.
– She’s the biggest band eater.
– She asked Avril Lavigne during a Japanese show “Music Station” to write a song for her band.
– Her English nickname “Summer” was given to her by Jessica.
– SooYoung has a great interest in fashion. She’s considered to be the trendiest SNSD band member.
– Even if she looks strong, SooYoung is the one who cries the most easily.
– She makes aegyos so weird that SM forbid her to do it on TV stage, they don’t want to change the pure and cute image of SNSD.
– She’s Jessica Jung’s childhood friend.
– In August 28, 2011, while heading a charity event, a driver hit her car. One of her vertebrae was damaged, she had to stop her participation in the band for a while, she didn’t participate to the SM Tokyo Town and Taiwan SNSD concert.
– Her sister was in the car during the accident and she thought that SooYoung was going to dye.
– She wrote the korean lyrics of the song “How Great Is Your Love” from SNSD third album.
– She can be brutal when she’s upset.
– She’s Xiah Jun Su, Micky Yoo Chun and U-know / Yun Ho’s close friend
– One TRAX’s member tough her to play drums as Sungmin who tough her to play guitar.
– Sungmin thinks that SooHoung is the prettiest of the band.
– SooYoung is the band member who can memorize the most easily choreographs.
– In their childhood Jessica and her have tried to set a band of three girls called “Goneko”, but they failed.
– She doesn’t give her “Unnie” (manners to elder) to other band members older than her.
– She never had a boyfriend.
– She won the funniest girl prize at the “Girl’s Award” in 2009.
– SoonYoung and Yoona often had stomach issues, Sunny said that it was because they were eating too much.
– She’s the most popular for married men and old people.
– She’s baseball’s fan.
– She’s good to copy other members signatures, they sometimes asked her to do it for them, but she said that Jessica’s signature was the hardest.
– She would like to get married when she’s 24 years old and if she doesn’t it will be at 42 years old.
– SooYoung think that Yuri is very beautiful when she swims and she admires her in these moments.
– When Taeyeon said to the band that she didn’t want to be the leader anymore, then she went to her room to cry and only SooYoung came to ask her was is going on. Between all the band members, Taeyeon prefers SooYoung to share her secrets.
– SooYoung would like to swim like YuRi.
– SooYoung means “swimming” in Korean.
– When SNSD made their debuts, YuRi was slim. But after the sitcom with SooYoung she took 5kg, SooYoung didn’t take any kilo.
– Once SooYoung and Yuri went to a pretty old public bath and have been noticed by secondary school girls, then they hided persuaded themselves that SNSD members should no be in this kind of place.
– SooYoung can make the difference between chicken egg and duck egg just by the smell of it.
– During a TV Show she confested to be a member of DBSK’s fan cafe , but also all the SM’s boy bands.




Who is Jessica Jeong Jessica ?


Name: Jessica Jeong Jessica
Nicknames: Ice princess, Sica, Sirachu, Sica-sama
Date of Birth: April 04, 1989
Talents: actress, singer, theater actor, musical singer, model
Band: SNSD (lead singer)
Place of birth: San Francisco, California, USA
Height: 5ft3 / 162cm
Weight: 99lb2 / 45kg
Blood group: B
Slogan: “Follow your heart”.

Things to know:
– She likes books and magazines, watch movies, listen music, sleep and sing.
– Her roommate is SooYoung.
– She speaks English and Korean fluently and have fundamentals in Mandarin and Japanese.
– Her hobbies are boxing and soccer.
– She made her debut as model during the Seoul Fashion Week in March 29, 2011.
– She has the reputation to be slow to react.
– She’s SooYoung’s childhood friend.
– She’s able to sleep 16 hours during her days off.
– Once she was waiting on a TV stage with the other SNSD’s members, after a long moment waiting her, someone have been looking after her and found her in her bath tub sleeping with a tooth brush in her mouth.
– JEssica cries when she’s angry.
– At the beginning she has some troubles to get on with Tiffany and everyone believed that they were friends because they both come from America and are born in the same hospital. It was difficult for them to get closer because of their characters, but time helping their are now best friends.
– It was hard to be closed to Taeyeon because at the beginning they schedules were really different, now according to Taeyeon everything is fine.
– If she has to choose between sleeping and eating, she will choose sleeping.
– The way to cook of Tiffany and Jessica scared the other members.
– Oh!’s live on ice is Jessica’s favorite live.
– She’s popular among men.
– She wants to get married for her 26th birthday.
– Once Jessica said “pretty girls are always kind”, then Tiffany said “In this case you are not pretty”.
– Jessica is also called “Sickal”, which means “knife”.






Who is Im Yoon Ah Yoona  ?

Name: Im Yoon Ah Yoona
Date of birth: Mai 30, 1990
Nicknames: Deer YoonA. Him YoonA (strength Yoona)
Band: SNSD (singer, dancer)
Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 5ft5 / 168cm
Weight: 97lb / 44kg
Blood group: A
Slogan: “Trust yourself”.
Fan’s name: Yoon Addict

Things to know:
– These favorite colors are blue, violet and pastel colors.
– She has fundamental in English, Chinese and Japanese.
– Her Hobbies are films and music.
– She can’t swim.
– She is the most popular band member.
– She has the reputation to be the kind of girlfriend that men would like to be with.
– She loves ice creams.
– She is sex addict.
– Her roommate is Yuri.
– Favorite Japanese word: Futagoza, which means “Gemini”.
– She’s the band second youngest girl before Seo Hyun, the band’s “maknae”.
– Her favorite number is 7.
– If she hasn’t become a singer she would probably be a chef.
– Internet users believe that she looks like Krystal from F(X).
– YoonA is the second biggest eater after SooYoung.
– YoonA is Takura Kimura’s fan.
– She likes to play bowling during her free time.
– She cooks very well and cook for the other girls too.
– YoonA loves suriyaki and inari.
– She hates chicken feet.
– YoonA is close to HeeChul and LeeTeuk from Super Junior.
– Her favorite season is winter.







Who is Kwon Yu Ri Yuri ?


Name: Kwon Yu Ri Yuri
date of birth: May 05,1989
Surnames: Black Pearl, Kkab Yul, Yul
Band: SNSD (lead dancer, singer)
Height: 5ft4 / 165cm
Weight: 116lb8 / 53kg
Blood group: AB
Fan’s name: Yurisistable

Things to know:
– Her hobbie is swimming, dancing, ballet. piano and violin.
– She’s very flexible
– She likes Friday.
– She’s roommate with YoonA (before it was Sunny).
– Her favorite songs of Girls’ Generation album is Baby Baby and Kissing You.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– “Since I’m a child, I like to sing and dance in front of people then I started to believe that it was my vocation” (laughs).
– She’s Chunji’s ideal woman (Teen Top).
– She introduced herself in French during SNSd’s concert in Paris 2011 and said: “Bonjour, je suis Yuri, ça va ?!” (hello, I’m Yuri, how are you doing!?).
– She’s the band prankster.
– She likes to play with SooYoung during her free time.
– SooYoung is jealous of her arms.
– She would like to create a radio show with SooYoung.
– She’s number 3 biggest band eater with Jessica.
– She gain weight easily.
– Yuri can’t cook, but she makes cooking contest with Tae Yeon, of course Tae Yeon wins.
– Yuri doesn’t like mouse.
– She’s the slowest to learn new dancing tricks.
– She got her first boyfriend when she was 10 years old.
– Yuri has a beauty mark just above her belly button.
– Whe yuri talks to another man, her voice tone changes.
– She likes to imitate the other band’s members.
– She hates loosing, she loves competition.
– According to Hyori, if Yuri would start a solo career she will succeed.
– Yuri’s closest friend in SNSD is Jessica.
– Hyoyeon and her are the band’s most sportive.








Who is Kim HyoYeon ?

Name: Kim HyoYeon
Nicknames Princess Fiona, Dancing Queen, Hyoyeon
Date of birth: September 22, 1989
– SNSD (lead dancer, singer)
– Younique Unit (dancer, rapper, singer)
Place of birth: Incheon, South Korea.
Height: 5ft2 / 160cm
Weight: 99lb2 / 45kg
Blood group: AB
Slogan: “work hard to success”.
Fan’s name: Hyohunnie

Things to know:
– She’s ambidextrous.
– Her mother is H.O.T.’s fan.
– Her roommate is SeoHyun.
– She worked with numerous choreographer, one of them was Justin Timberlake’s .
– She speaks Mandarin fluently and have fundamentals in English and Japanese.
– She likes movies and shopping.
– She danced during the Super Show 2 with Tiffany in Leetuk’s vocal solo.
– Soo Young likes to tease Hyoyeon calling her “fashion traitor”.
– She has her driving license
– Her best friend is Min from the band Miss A.
– She’s friend with Eunhyuk (Super Junior) for a long time.
– She had sex with many Kpop celebrities, men and women.
– Her strength is to make the other band’s member laugh, many band’s girls are jealous about this.
– The other band’s member think that she is the most violent.
– Jessica and her once quarreled, it was quiet violent and Hyoyeon said “I was going to beat her”, on the other side Jessica said: “We slapped our rooms doors. We were more and more upset, then when we both came out our rooms , we almost fight…”. During this interview Tiffany said that the two girls were really scary. At the end they apologized each other and cried.
– Hyoyeon made her daughter participate to SM’s audition just to see the band “HOT”.
– In high school, Hyoyeon was popular among boys, she had a fan group called HyoSaMo.
– She took a part in ”Dance With The Stars” (season 2) she reached the final, but unfortunately she didn’t win.
– She’s Sistar’s big fan.
– She’s obsessed about hygiene. She hates the feeling of teeth not cleaned.
– She doesn’t like to bother other people to talk about her problems or feelings.
– She wants to be married and have a family.
– If she was a boy she would choose Tiffany or Sunny for girlfriend
– She is considered as the SNSD most independent.
– Hyoyeon has 14 piercings on a ear and 1 on her tongue.
– She studied in China for more than a year with Simon (Super Junior).
– She trained at SM with boys thanks to her strength and talent .
– Before starting with SNSD, HyoYeon was BoA’s dancer.
– At the SM entertainment agency, since HyoYeon is young she’s one of the best dancers.