Lip Tattoo for Valentine’s Day

Lip Tattoo for Valentine’s Day



Have you ever tried to do something crazy with your lips? A new door is now open to let you enter in a world that you didn’t know could exist. For not so long ago traditional lipstick was the only way to enhance lips. The method to use a lipstick is to apply it on your lips, and your only option was to choose the color of it. Now there is a new product to allow you to do incredible things with your lips. It is a temporary lip tattoo sticker that will amaze you and your friends.


Many patterns is available, some designs will suit perfectly for Valentine’s celebration. Lip tattoo stickers are made to be temporally applied and last few hours on your lips. The choice of designs is amazing you can play with textures and colors. With lip tattoo sticker you can even communicate with someone with messages written on your lips like “kiss me” or “I love you”, “single”, “Horny”… You will look different from women who makeup with regular lipstick usually pink or red. These girls will look tacky compared to you.


Many pop stars are using temporary lip tattoo for their show or photo shots, for example the fat ass Kim Kardashian, the crazy Lady Gaga or others like Jessie J, Nickie Minaj, Taylor Swift, Miley Cirus or Katy Perry.


You can choose you lip tattoo sticker by theme, for example: sexy, romantic, furs, animal, with text, textures. to give you more ideas of what it is you can get for example any national flag, zebra, leopard, cheetah fur… You can get Vuiton’s logo on lips or shinny diamonds, little hearts, rainbow etc… For valentine’s day we recommend you to wear pink tattoo with little white hearts or pink tattoo with the words kiss me written on it. Your lover will be surprised and positively attracted to you and your lips.


To put the tattoo on your lips it is very simple it works exactly as the tattoo that we had with our chewing-gums when we were young. It looks like a printed picture on paper, to apply it on your lips you just have to wet your lips and put the lip tattoo on. After 30 seconds you have to wet the paper on the back and peel it out. Tada! your sensational tattoo is ready.


The huge advantage of lip tattoo is that it can be adapted to any lips. When you get your lip tattoo you have to craft a bit by cutting yourself the shape of your lips. Some lip tattoos are lip moisturizing and can contain vitamins. Vegetarians will be happy because lip tattoo is animal friendly and don’t contain animal fat. Lip tattoo is not tested on animals, not even the Peta animals, the stupid people who manage Peta.


Once you have your lip tattoo on you can keep it between 4 to 8 hours. The tattoo sticker on your lips won’t fade away even if you drink, eat or kiss. You will have all the time you need to enjoy a party or you Valentine’s day with you lip tattoo on. The average lip tattoo price on the Internet is less than $10.


To remove your lip tattoo sticker you just have to use a makeup remover or almond oil. Apply your remover product with a cotton pad gently on your lips and take off the lip tattoo as any usual makeup.


Lip tattoo is the perfect match with color lenses and you can find lip tattoo that will perfectly complete your Korean lens look.