Look Like a Sexy Doll for Halloween with Circle Lenses

Look Like a Sexy Doll for Halloween with Circle Lenses

Hard to miss this new trend spreaded through the world thanks to Lady Gaga the Amercan singer but already popular in Korea and Japan for years. We are talking about Korean circle lenses that can give to female made-up eyes a doll look.

Do you remember the eyes that your grandma’s porcelain doll had ?

Big and rounded eyes with a huge iris giving a very expressive look to these dolls, offen looking innocent and childish: in USA it is possible to have the same eyes with eyes accessories called circle lenses or “big dolly eyes”.

Some circle lenses highlight your look and make your eyes look like jewels with light reflects and transparency as a gem, ruby, emerald or saphire. The best circle lenses to have this effect are the blue Geo crystal CK-502, green or red 3 tone Vassen.

If you are fan of the dolly eye trend and want to look like your Japanese manga idols, Korean contact lenses are essential to achieve your transformation. To imitate an Asian doll or a manga Japanese character choose hazel, brown or black color circle lenses. But if you prefer to look like European dolls like Barbie, choose light blue or green circle lens colors.

To get a real “dolly look” you need a specific makeup. To highlight your new eyes and make your look more intense you have to apply eye shadow but prefer a light color like pink for example, then with an eyeliner draw your eye contour and extend the line on the external side of the eye to make them wider. If you have long eyelashes use a volume mascara or wear false eyelashes. Concerning the lipstick choose a pale pink or candy pink.

You can also apply a pink tone blush on your cheeks but it as to be discrete, remember that less is more !

About the way you should dress, you can find at young people clothe stores some pretty flashy colored dresses or little skirts. Complete your costume with some accessories like ballerina shoes and beret. Give a final touch with a beautiful pink ribbon or bow tie in your hair. You can even be more eccentric and sexy with a pink or purple wig.


You are now ready to be a sexy Halloween doll and seduce other Halloween’s monsters or creatures.