Make a Halloween Clown Makeup

Make a Halloween Clown Makeup


Today we want to share tips to create a nice Halloween clown makeup, but not the one that haunts your nights and gives you nightmares. Do you remember this scary clown from the Stephen King’s movie “It” ?

We prefer to share our recommandation about a nice and kind clown as we can see in carnival or circus. This character will make people laugh instead of making them scream, even if it’s Halloween time there is no problem to make people smile don’t worry !


To look like a real clown, it is important to have colorful and stunning huge clothes. You could for example wear a too small black and red checked shirt and too large pants, the goal is to look funny, no matter if you are a bit ridiculous this is just what we need.

Of course you can’t escape the colorful curly wig, it is up to you to choose the color. To make your character very funny you could eventually change your natural eye color to another with a pair of cosmetic soft contact lenses.


If you’re looking for a pair of circle lenses we have what you need. sells only genuine high quality products, our contact lenses meet all the international standards like FDA, CE and ISO. Our decorative contact lenses are made by specialists in the soft contact lenses industry which are located in Korea for more than 20 years. These laboratories make the best and safest circle lenses brands like Geo, Vassen and Dueba. The best lenses to match a clown costume are maybe the pink Geo SF36, Purple Geo CPF6 or the eccentric green spiral Geo SF80.


To makeup your face easily, you can for example use face paint makeup crayons which are very cheap and easy to use or simply some face paints. You will probably need red, blue or black colors but you can choose the colors that you need following your mood. Let’s start to apply white color on your whole face including eyelids and lips. With a crayon, paint or red lipstick, color your mouth and make it larger than usual, redden the extremity of your nose, if you prefer you can buy a plastic or foam spherical clown nose.


Still with the tool of your choice you have to draw some big black eyebrows, they are important because they will give expression to your character, if you mess up your clown will look freaky.

Take a closer look on the pictures of this page to make the right eyebrows.

About the eyes, we noticed that often a sky blue color is used, sometimes a blue diamond shape is drawn from upper to lower eyelid or the blue color on the eyelids is just faded with the white from the face.



For Halloween don’t hesitate to let your children imagine their own clown makeup, this is the ideal occasion to let them express themselves and their originality and creativity.