Make Angel Costume and Wings for Halloween

Make Angel Costume and Wings for Halloween



Angel costume is probably one of the most popular among girls as the fairy costume or witch costume for Halloween. If you don’t want to buy or rent this costume, this is how to make your own for a really affordable price.

All the angels have a halo on their head. To make it you can use a thin and discrete hair band, then roll up a tiny metal stick like a hanger. You can use the metal stick and the hair band to create the halo display, then decorate the circle with a Christmas garland, you can use a white or silver one.

About the costume, a simple rectangle made from a sheet in which you’ll make a hole in the center to put your head should be enough. To give a final touch try to find a big beautiful rope and tie it around your waist. If you want a more elaborate and classy Halloween costume you can wear a beautiful white dress that you don’t need anymore and prepare its back to receive the wings.

For the angel wings, you can cut them inside a paperboard. You can choose the shape of wings that you need, like butterfly wings, bird wings or dragonfly wings, whatever you want.

Pierce a little hole in the center of your wings to attach them on your dress. Note that your wings should be made in one block. Once your wings are trimmed it’s time to customiz them, you can make it simple and cover the wings with aluminum foil, golden gift paper or white feather if you want to get the best wings ever. You can find feather at home in your pillow but it will take a long time to fully cover the wings.

Next is the makeup part, but there is nothing much to do, it has to be discrete, natural and classy, so simply apply white foundation and pink blush on your cheeks.


If you really want to look like a perfect angel, you have to wear a pair of soft circle lenses sold on our website. Our Korean lenses meet international standards as CE (European) and FDA (USA). These lenses are made in Korea by trusted brands like Geo, Vassen, Dueba and Dreamcon, some of the best brands in the world.

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