Make Frankenstein Halloween Makeup

Make Frankenstein Halloween Makeup


Frankenstein is still a famous Halloween character, his popularity never fades away thanks to numerous Hollywood movies which keep him alive in people minds. For example “I, Frankenstein” released in 2014, directed by Stuart Beattie with Aaron Eckhart as main actor.


Frankenstein is a fiction character who comes from the English novel “Frankenstein or the novel prometheus” written by Mary Shelley . Frankenstein is a kind of monster created by a scientist, a living-dead very ugly with buttons attached to his head and a very large forehead, bold arch of eyebrows , , impressive scars and greenish skin complexion.


Disguising and doing makeup like Frankenstein can be useful for an Halloween or Mardi Gras celebration and why not for a birthday or a costume party. To make a complete transformation, we recommend to wear colored contact lenses to give intensity to your character. The ideal is to wear high quality contact lenses to avoid any trouble with your eyes. Luckily provides color contact lenses like GEO SF-10, GEO SF-35, Vassen Margarita or the hypnotic Geo SF-80.


For the makeup part, you have to buy green and black face paints. First, start to color your face except around the eyes and your lips but don’t forget to cover your ears and your front and back neck. Apply at least two layers of paint for a better result. Darken your eyes making the dark rings under your eyes and make your eyebrow bold, darken lightly your cheekbones and mix black paint with green to color your lips.


Draw big black scars on your forehead and your cheeks, to make your makeup more realistic you can stick some old staple above the scars. For more special effects, stick two plastic screws on both sides of your neck.


Frankenstein makeup is now completed. Now you can use great ingenuity and make your Frankenstein makeup scarier than ever, play this role with your heart and be ready to freak out people for this Halloween…