Make Halloween Alien Makeup

Make Halloween Alien Makeup


For this Halloween, are you ready to disguise and makeup as an alien coming from out of space?

American movie industry provides a lot of models which can help you to make your choice. From the nicest alien E.T. to the villain Predator. The most famous are of course E.T., Alien, The mutant, the visitors from the series “V”, the aliens living in the planet Pandora from Avatar movie, Men in black monsters, Green Lantern heroes, Jupiter Ascending characters, Star Wars aliens from different galaxies, District 9 freaky gray guys and many others… Let’s focus on humanoid aliens because they will be easier to copy, take a look to the “Star Treck” saga and its characters like Spock, Phlox, Worf, Odo, Ezri Dax, Vortas, jem’Hadar or “Star Wars” characters like Zabrak, Twi’Lek, Aba, Sabe, Emperor Palpatine, Aurra Sing, Barris Offee, Ayla Secura. Darth Nihilus, Darth Maulm, Lumiya and more…

You are spoiled by choice among all the alien creatures created by Hollywood but you are free to invent your own character and be creative, it will certainly be noticed during Halloween. 

To help you to make this transformation, dare to wear colored contact lenses to get an incredible result, in particular with our range of color lenses “Crazy Lenses”, our designs called GEO CP-S8, GEO CP-A1, GEO CP-A6, GEO CP-A5, GEO CP-A3, GEO CP-A7 or GEO SF-10 will suit the needs of your alien character. ..

Of course all the color lenses designs sold on our webstore meet European (CE) and American (FDA) standards. Our contact lenses are made in Korea from high quality materials. We sell only trusted genuine brands as Geo, Vassen, Dueba and Dreamcon. 

Because you are supposed to represent a specie that doesn’t exist or that we didn’t discover yet, be free to express yourself through the makeup, without limit using for example fluorescent makeup that can be seen under the black light. It is ideal for festive events like Halloween parties in club or private parties. This special skin makeup is easy to apply because it exists under the form of pen, spray or tube.


If you want to turn into an alien and meet the collective unconscious, you need to paint your skin with green makeup like the photo above. To make this, you have to use body paints on all the part that you want to show with a dry sponge. Then, with a black pen you can draw the shadows on your fece to create relief. Then with a white pen, draw dotted lines, geometric lines, curved lines, follow the photo example. Notice that this humanoid alien wear Black GeoWCK-113 color lenses. They create the illusion to see huge eyes, exactly the way we expect to see an alien.