Make Halloween Princess Costume Without Sewing

Make Halloween Princess Costume Without Sewing


I you have a daughter and if you let her choose what costume she would like to wear for Halloween, she will probably ask you to dress like a princess or fairy. These characters have always made little girls dream and we understand easily why. Little girls are fed with fairy tales and other beautiful stories since they are grown up enough to listen and understand them.


How to make a princess costume to a little girl without sewing ?


About the costume, you just need to dress up your little girl with a pink dress, or a pink long sleeve T-shirt with a long pink skirt. On top of these clothes you have to make a tutu. To make it you need a pair of scissors, an elastic long enough to wrap the child’s waist and pink and purple tulle fabric.


Start measuring between the child’s foot and waist and trim about twenty tulle stripes from different colors if you wish. This stripes should be 4 inches (10cm) width and their length should be double than the size that you have got earlier. Now you can attach each stripes on the elastic with a simple knot. At the end you should get a beautiful tutu. To give more volume to your homemade tutu you should add a second row of tulle. At last, about the shoes, use pink ballet dancers shoes.


Princess Costume Accessories


Now it’s time to talk about the most important part of this costume. You little princess will need a little crown also called a diadem. The first possibility, is to use a thick paper, draw your crown on it and trim it, everyone can do it. Then you can glue on your crown some little fancy shinny stickers. like stars or fake gems, diamonds, rubies, emeralds… You can also find easily a plastic crown in any Walmart or toy stores.


To make a diadem you can as well use a plastic headband and customize it by wrapping on it golden or silver pipe cleaner. Create geometric forms or flowers with the pipe cleaner.


Another accessory that is perfect for a princess or a fairy is a scepter. You can make it with a wood stick like a chopstick or a big wood cooking spoon, use your imagination to turn this ordinary object to a beautiful magic scepter. Use golden or silver paint, glitter and colorful ropes and pipe cleaners.


Don’t forget other important details as the jewels (made of plastic), earrings, necklaces, pearl necklace and why not a pair of soft contact lenses avaolable on our website.

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Now you have everything in your hand to make your child a real princess, happy Halloween !