Make Hippie Costume For Halloween

Make Hippie Costume For Halloween


Hippie subculture was a movement that emerged in the United States during the 60’s.

Famous for its political opinions like “make love not war”, this movement is also famous for it’s style until today. It is a good idea to have fun and look cool with a hippie costume for Halloween as it is really easy to create this costume if you can collect the good accessories for free.


I said collect because normally you won’t have to buy anything, this costume is the good way to recycle old clothes that have been forgotten in a trunk, your basement or attic. If you are sure that you never had this kind of clothe then ask to your grandparents or your parents, I’m sure that they can help.


For the top, you can use a colorful or white T-shirt that is too big for you to turn it into a psychedelic clothe using the “Tie dye” method. If you use a color T-shirt you can for example create spirals, start by twisting the T-shirt and tie knots.

You can just tie knots in multiple areas without twisting the T-shirt if you want or only twist the T-shirt in different areas and hold these twists with a rubber band. Once your T-shirt is properly tied make it wet with clear water.

In a basket mix 50% bleach with water, now you can soak the tied extremities of you T-shirt in your diluted bleach. If your T-shirt is black, your spiral with be in red tones, the most you keep your T-shirts extremities soaking in the water and the most the spiral color will be lighter. To stop the chemical reaction, rinse properly your T-shirt with clear water and wash it with your usual washing soap. If you prefer to create spirals from white T-shirt, then it is the same process but replace bleach by garment dye. The tip to avoid the dye to fade away is to soak the T-shirt in white vinegar and cold water for few hours. 


To complete your hippie costume the best is to find a shepherd vest made of sheep wool or synthetic wool. Finish with nice bell-bottomed trousers and leather sandals.


For accessories, tie a bandanna or a scarf around your head, if you have short hair why don’t you use a wig to get them long. To play with the stereotype you can make a fake huge joint.

Don’t forget to add some big necklaces with big pearls, shells or flowers, it is also important to have one necklace with the “peace and love” symbol. The last ultimate accessory to be a perfect hippie is the sunglasses with circle frame like John Lennon.


You can add more details to your character by painting flowers or peace and love symbols on your face.


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