Make My Own Witch Hat For Halloween

Make My Own Witch Hat For Halloween


Witch costume is a Halloween classic. To understand why, we have to look at the origins of Halloween. According to the Celtic calendar, during the 31th October night, a pagan ceremony was celebrated. This ceremony was the most important witch gathering called “Sabbat”. This is why the 31th October is like a new year for all witches ad wizards. Nowadays the witch is an icon represented most of the time flying on her magic broom, with a black cat as single friend. Sometimes a witch can also have a toad close to her that was a prince a while ago. Unlike fairies, witches use black magic thanks to their pact with the devil.

There is nothing difficult if you want to make a witch hat, a 10 years old child can do it without problem. Take first a thick drawing paper, choose a black sheet or paint it in black. Wrap it to make a cone, think that its base should have the wearer’s head size. Now with scissors make 1 inch (2.54cm) vertical cut on the base, repeat this all around the hat base and let 1 inch space between each cut. Once you are done, all you have to do is to fold precociously the cut parts. Have a look a the photo, it can help.



Now we can make the other part of our witch hat. For this we need a sheet of drawing paper that is minimum 15.7 inches (40cm). Mark the center of the paper sheet and draw a 15 inches (38.1cm) diameter circle, you can use a compass tool. If you don’t have a compass tool this big you can simply use a string with a pin on one extremity that you point on your center mark and a pen on the other extremity. No matter if your circle is not perfect. Repeat this operation one more time, start from your center mark but this time draw a 7.8 inches (20cm) diameter circle. Trim the smallest circle and the outside part of the big one. Now you get a beautiful 15 inches diameter black ring . All we have to do now is assembling our cone and ring. Slide the cone from its top in the ring, now you only need to apply some glue to hold these two parts together. Apply the glue on the folded cone parts in contact with the ring.



Now it’s time to customize your witch hat. The classic decoration is a kind of belt with a metal buckle, but you can just add a colorful scarf or raffia, let your imagination decide.

To really look like a perfect witch you will need a malefic look, you can get it by wearing circle lenses. Take a look at and visit the “Cosplay Animation” menu. We provide 100% safe circle lenses from genuine trusted brands.

It’s time to ride you magic broom with your beautiful witch hat to scare the neighborhood during this Halloween. By the way if you want to know how to make a magic witch broom just click on these 3 words.

Happy scary Halloween to you!