Make your Own Christmas Surprise Gift

Make your Own Christmas Surprise Gift

Offer surprise gifts to children, your friends or your neighbors as a little gift to celebrate Chrismas and New Year’s Eve which are the best times to be generous.

Many surprise packages are available for sale but making your own surprise package is a better idea to save money and create more personalized gifts for the members of your family and your friends. Create something by yourself and offer it to someone is the best way to show how much you like or love this person.


Today we want to share with you our idea to make a surprise package which looks like Santa Claus belly, it is really easy to make, a real simple DIY that will be perfect to offer contact lenses this season.


Materials needed:

– scissors

– red paperboard

– gold or yellow paperboard

– black ribbon

– glue or double tape



Steps to make Santa’s belly and belt for your contact lens gift package.


step 1:
Start to use a pair of scissors to trim the red paperboard as a pillow shapes, make it simple as the photo above and don’t forget to keep a little rectangle on the length of the pillow because it will allow you to glue when you fold the red paperboard and give the final shape to your pillow.


step 2:
Cut the gold or yellow paperboard in square shapes and make two slits. These slits will be used to slip in the black part of the belt. Glue the center of the square with the center of the red pillow.


step 3:
You can now close one side of the red pillow and fill it up with candies, dry flowers, glitters, little toys, costume jewels, fragrance samples, chocolate, contact lenses or anything else crossing your mind. The only limit about the things that you can put inside is the size of the box itself. If you need to put bigger stuffs in the paper box you’ll just need to make one suiting your needs. This gift package is also perfect to offer gift cards or coupons from famous stores.


step 4:
Once your gift package is ready and full of gifts you can close the red pillow. Now it’s time to slip the black ribbon into the two slits that we have made earlier in the belt buckle. Wrap the ribbon around the box to maintain it closed and make a beautiful knot on the back of the box.


Conclusion, this gift package Santa Claus theme is a really nice gift to raise a smile to your friends and your family. The best idea is to put a beautiful pair of Korean circle lenses inside the box. Circle lenses are cheap and will surprise everybody. 

We are sure that you’ll find many ideas to fill the gift packages but for sure color contact lenses are the best choice if you want to surprise someone, man or woman. These contact lenses have no correction and can be used right away, they can be worn all night long during the holiday party. With a little care, color lenses can be use for one full year.



Believe us, nobody will forget your gift package made with love for them, no matter what is inside. Your family and friends will look happy on the photos thanks to you.