Makeup Idea Jigsaw Serial killer From Saw Movies

Makeup Idea Jigsaw Serial killer From Saw Movies



If we look closer who is the cruelest character in horror movies, we have Jigsaw on top of the list. This pervert sociopath haunts the worst watcher’s nightmares who has seen the ”Saw” movies saga.

This pervert serial killer has a limitless imagination to kill his victims, he is easily recognizable because he always wear a scary mask which is a puppet paper mache face with two spirals on its cheeks. This character is perfect to stick to Halloween spirit with other serial killers like Jason (Friday 13), Freddy Krueger and other creatures as vampires, monsters and ghosts.


You probably know that you can get the Jigsaw mask in many party goods and costumes shops, but I believe that it is easier to wear makeup than costume if you are going to a party and plan to dance all night. Makeup is more comfortable and convenient, by the way it is also cheap and a good way not to spend money for a mask that you are going to use one or two times only.


Before the makeup step, we have to find all we need to look like this freaky killer and stick to the movie. Wear a black jacket and trousers with a white shirt, a red bow tie and a red pocket handkerchief to slide in your jacket pocket. Jigsaw also wears white gloves and black snickers.


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Now it’s time to makeup to create the Jigsaw face. If we want to be more accurate this puppet mask is called “Billy” in the movie. Let’s start applying a moisturizing cream to protect your skin and apply white foundation all over your face and your neck. Darken your eyes contour with eye shadow and draw red spirals on your cheekbones, add black powder around the spirals to create relief. Draw two black lines from the corner of your lips until the bottom of your mandible. With these black lines you look now like a old wood or paper mache puppet, with a moving mouth.

Finally, apply a flashy red lipstick on your lips.



You are now ready to surprise your friends and scare the neighborhood for this Halloween !