Makeup Zombie Technique for Halloween

Makeup Zombie Technique for Halloween


Halloween parties without zombies are not possible, we want to share with you some tips to look very scary and make a beautiful zombie makeup for Halloween.

Before doing Halloween makeup, you need to clean your face and remove sebum with a cleaning hypoallergenic lotion, prefer a neutral pH one. Once this step is done, you can use white foundation and add gray, blue or green to create a deathly complexion.

You will apply the blended foundation all over your face and eventually on the upper part of your chest if you plan to wear a T-shirt or a shirt.

With different dark colors eye pencils you will create bags under your eyes, you can also decide to make your eyes contours darker with dark eye shadow. Using a cotton pad with purple blush or face painting, you can make fake contusions.



Now it’s time to add the bloody wounds to look like a real zombie. Fake wounds and scars are available online or at any costume shop. Some cosplayers like to make wounds and scars on themselves with latex and add fake blood. Fake blood is easy to make with chocolate syrup, water, corn syrup and red food coloring agent. You can play with blood, the most you put and the most scary you’ll look. About your lips it is important to make them look dry and pale. First use a pale pink lipstick and draw vertical lines with a gray eye pencil to create wrinkles.

Zombie costumes are the cheapest to make and the easiest to create. Actually any clothes will suit the needs of this costume, so better use old clothes that you are ready to throw away because they are going to be full of blood stains and get dirty to give credibility to your costume.

The cool thing with zombies is that they don’t select who becomes a zombie or not, everyone can be a good candidate. So your zombie costume can be a nurse, cop, worker, scientist, stripteaser, athlete, or anyone else. To look even more scary you can try to hide one of your arms in your back and burn your clothes a bit.

Now you need to give the final awesome touch with a white pair of circle lenses, we guarantee that you will freak out people who look at you. With these cosplay color lenses you will look really like a zombie, wearing white color lenses is like removing the “life” that human being have in their look. On we propose different kind of circle lenses for zombie, for example the Geo CP-F1, or Marilyn Manson’s favorite Geo SF-16 Corona, we even provide among others the best bloodshot circle lenses, Geo SF-11.

One last point, zombies don’t take good care of their hair, so, make sure that yours look dirty too. You can for example put sunflower oil or eggs, and sprinkle you hair with baby powder to get a perfect dusty effect.

Now you are ready to have a bloody Halloween, enjoy !