Mercado Anime Brazil Contact Lens Shop Supplier

Mercado Anime Brazil

Contact Lens Shop Supplier

Do you want to know where online shops that sell Korean contact lenses in Brazil and other South-America countries buy their products ?

Easy ! Most of the famous shops in Brazil and South America as “Mercado Anime” buy their products from our contact lens store

If you also want to start a Korean lens business in Brazil we will explain you how to do.

It is very easy for shops as “Mercado Anime” to make a lot of profit because they use our dropshipping service. Let’s see how it works.

We offer a dropshipping service and Brazil circle lens shops or other shops in any country can order on our website to deliver directly to their customers. It means that these shops get a profit just for making an order on, and they have nothing else to do.

Because ships orders directly to Mercado Anime clients this shop from Brazil does not have to receive the products that we send and ship them again to its customers, we do all the job.

Contact lens shops in South America can buy contact lenses at the lowest price on our store and sell them at the highest price in their country, this is a chance for them as they just need to make a website and find customers.

But sometimes their customers are trying to find on Internet from where the products that they have received have been shipped and how they could also directly order contact lenses from abroad, this is why we have more and more customers from Brazil and South-America who want to buy cheap Korean contact lenses.

When a reseller use our dropshipping service we send all orders anonymously and the final customer cannot find from where his order has been shipped. Dropshipping orders are sent as a “GIFT” and we do not write any company name on the enveloppe. We only use a PO BOX as sender information in case the parcel couldn’t be delivered and would have to be returned.

As you can see it is a great chance for Brazil Korean lens shops as Mercado Anime to be able to order cheap products from us and sell them in their country at the most expensive price, but if you also want to sell contact lenses in your country it is possible and very easy.

To sell contact lenses in your country, being Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, or one of the other countries located in South-America, you do not even need to buy a large stock of wholesale contact lenses because you can make a huge profit even if you order contact lenses one by one.

Every time you sell one pair of contact lenses you just have to visit our store and order this pair. Enter your customer shipping address in the order form, write “DROPSHIPPING” in the “Comment box” and that’s all. We will send this order to your customer and you just have to track the parcel if you want to make sure that your customer receive it.

But we also send orders with only 1 pairs, 2 pairs or 3 pairs, so if you want to order Korean lenses just for yourself and pay them less than what you would pay when buying these products from a shop in Brazil, Mexico or Argentina, we will send your order for free to any country.


As you see it is easy to make a good profit without investment by just being the “middle man” between your customers and our store, so if you also want to run a profitable business as Mercado Anime you can send us a message and we will help you to set up your store and start selling Korean color lenses very quickly.