Meruru Contact Lens Insertion Removal Tweezers

Meruru Contact Lens Insertion Removal Tweezers

Meruru insertion and removal tweezers are a very useful invention coming from a Japanese laboratory allowing to put or take off contact lenses very easily, quickly and most of all in total safety. This tool is commercialized under the brand Meditrek based in Yokohama Japan and will revolutionize contact lenses wearer habits by being very helpful. The tool is sold in Europe and USA since the beginning 2016, its official price is 39€ or $39.




How to Use Meruru Tweezers

We already knew Eyelux, Bausch and Lomb or Prolens silicon tools which are a lot less handy than Meruru tweezers made by Meditrek. Two silicon tools are in the set. One looks like a little spoon made to take off the contact lens from the case, the other one is a hybrid tool, one side tweezers and on the other side a little stick with a suction pad on the top. The suction pad is used to gently apply the contact lens on the eye, and the tweezers are used to take off the contact lens without damaging it.


With this new generation tweezers, you won’t be afraid to put or take off your lenses, the gesture is easy to get after the first use. No risk to drop them when manipulating, it will increase their lifetime because you won’t have to pinch the contact lenses between your two fingers as usual. Meruru tool is much more hygienic, you will reduce considerably eye infections usually transmitted by germs on your hands because you won’t touch your eyes or the lenses anymore. Of course it is necessary to sterilize these tools with a multi-purpose lens care solution and wash your hands properly before each use.



This Meruru tool have one year lifetime, when the silicon becomes hard or its color change it’s time to replace it, but if you want to know how to keep it forever by hust changing the silicon we can tell you later.

If you have always hesitated to wear color lenses before because you were scared not to know how to use them properly, here is the solution which will allow you to wear and take off very easily your contact lenses, so now you don’t have any reason to hesitate anymore to enhance your look.

Order now Meruru contact lens insertion and removal tool to handle your color lenses the safest way.