Morticia Makeup and Costume Addams Family

Morticia Makeup and Costume Addams Family



Almost everyone knows Morticia Addams except maybe the youngest kids. Morticia is Gomez Addams’ spouse and the weirdest housewife ever. Despite her manipulator and sad character, Morticia is a good mum very close to her children. Her daughter’s name is Wednesday and her older brother’s name is Pugsley. Morticia’s style is unique, at the same time sexy and morbid, she likes to dress in long black slit plunging dress, to express her personality. Her hobby is to stay in her greenhouse and take care of her cute carnivore plants. Because Morticia is a remarkable character she sticks in people minds, if you decide to play Morticia for Halloween I assure that you will be noticed by people around.

As you can see this character is perfect for Halloween, on the other hand Morticia is a gorgeous classy woman, she is the ideal character to play if you want to seduce during Halloween night. Because for example if you plan to find love during Halloween night it might be less convenient if you have a zombie costume and makeup in which you won’t look like a woman at all.

Now here are some tips to succeed with your Morticia makeup and costume for Halloween.
Morticia dress code is always the same, she always wears her black, sexy, fit and slit dress. It’s a very long dress which ends on the ankles and has long sleeves with a plunging neckline. Feel free to customize your dress as you wish. Morticia’s costume is different anyway from “The Addams Family” old tv series to the movie and animated cartoon.

Another essential accessories to complete the costume, it’s a pair of black high heel, a big black stone ring and a necklace with a black pendent. If your hair color is not black you can decide to wear a black wig or dye your hair in black for the night.

I you want to give the final touch to your costume you will need a pair of black circle lenses if your eyes color is too light. With black eyes you’ll get the mesmerizing Morticia’s look. The best circle lenses for this Halloween costume are Geo Ultra Black CK-105, Vassen Margarita Black or Dueba Diamond Black. No matter the shape of your eyes, our lenses will fit you well.


Remember that a makeup should always be done after wearing your circle lenses. With your lenses on.

Now we can start Morticia makeup. Because our Addams housewife has a pale complexion you must start by applying white foundation all over your face, and don’t forget the plunging neckline.

Use eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara to highlight your eyes contour. As you can see Morticia makeup is quite easy to create, now you can add the final touch which is, a flashy red lipstick.

You are now ready to look incredible for Halloween, so enjoy the party and the boys.

Happy Halloween !