Most Charming Women Wear Korean Circle Lenses

Most Charming Women Wear Korean Circle Lenses


No way for fashion addicts always following the trends to escape the circle lenses phenomenon. Also called Korean lenses or color lenses, these contact lenses are made to improve your look very easily.


Circle lenses give the feeling that someone has bigger eyes while wearing them. Color lenses are available in different sizes and patterns, but mostly girls like the 14.0mm diameter lenses that are larger than the size of an average iris. Girls also prefer patterns with a black outline or black ring because this special effect creates bigger eyes feeling. Wearing contact lenses is wonderful because you can use them as an accessory to match your makeup, your purse or your jewellery. You can change the color of your eyes to blue, green, red, yellow, black, gray and more or even to funny patterns like a logo of dollar instead of your iris color or a cat eye. Your imagination is the only limit.


Today Korean lenses are a tool of seduction to get the attention of a male. Men have always been attracted by women with big eyes, like a Barbie doll, the symbol of beauty, sensuality or femininity. It’s a matter of fact that in many cultures men are attracted by women with big eyes giving them sex appeal, exactly the same way as red fleshy lips, high cheekbones, generous breast, beautiful buttocks or sexy long legs also attract men. All these body signs indicate women with high level of oestrogenes, they make a woman visually and chemically attractive to a man.


Contact lenses literally hypnotize men and will make them stare at you consciously or not. The big advantage of wearing contact lenses is that women can use less makeup than usual. While wearing your circle lenses, try without mascara, eye liner or blush and you will already notice a big change in your look. You will for sure notice the way that guys are looking at you, some will be confused, charmed or eye you greedily.


Forget all your little appearance disorders as your too big nose, sticking-out ears, scars, pimples, square chin or any others little defects that you could worry about before wearing contact lenses. Your Korean circle lenses will give you something more and will help guys to focus on you.


Don’t forget that as Cinderella the magic is going to work only for a certain amount of time. In the case of wearing Korean lenses it cannot be more than 9 hours, when time is out you will have to take off your circle lenses and keep them in a lens case soaking in lens care solution.


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