My Contact Color Lenses were Stuck in the Bottles when I Received Them

My Contact Color Lenses were Stuck in the Bottles when I Received Them


I am a regular customer but today for the first time in so many years I have received contact lenses stuck in the vials. Can you tell me what I can do to unstick my color lenses from the bottles and if it is safe to wear them ?

Thank you for your help.

Dear customer,

Thank you for your message.

It doesn’t happen often, but in some rare cases customer receive contact lenses that are stuck at the bottom of the vials.
Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with your lenses and there is an official solution explained by the Korean manufacturers of contact lenses.

Why contact lenses are stuck in bottles
First, let us explain you why contact lenses can be stuck in their bottles. Contact lenses are usually sold in sealed glass vials in which they float in a saline solution made to keep them for years, usually 5 years. The solution is made to keep contact lenses sterilized & hydrated, but unfortunately, when lenses are sent oversea by plane, they sometimes spend weeks without moving in very cold temperature, and stick to the bottles walls or at the bottom of the small jars.
Don’t be scared or disappointed ! We know that you are excited to receive your lenses and want to try them on quickly, but please be patient, we just ask you to proceed to few steps before being able to enjoy your contact lenses.
If you find them glued to the vials, the first thing to do is to shake your lenses gently, but if they do not move, try to shake them more.
If you contact lenses still do not move, no need to worry, here is a better solution.

Solution to unstick contact lenses from glass vials
The first step to unstick your contact lenses is to use lukewarm water. Put some water in a glass and put the glass in a microwave for few seconds without the lenses. It should not be very hot, you should be able to put your finder in the glass without feeling burnt. If the water temperature seems right, soak the unopened vials in this lukewarm water (about 50 degrees Celsius) for 10 minutes and move the vials in the water, to help the contact lenses to move inside their bottles.
The warm water will help the lenses to detach themselves from the vials, but if nothing happens, please shake your vials gently again to help them to move.
If after soaking your lenses in lukewarm water and shaking them, they still do not move, you must try again by using very hot water, in which you cannot put a finger.
Soak your lenses in this very hot water for 10 more minutes, move them inside the glass, and then shake the vials again when they are still hot (use gloves of any kitchen cloth to touch them). If the water is hot enough, you should now see them move inside the vials, but if they still do not move, try again.

What if my contact lenses are still stuck inside the vials after using hot water
If the water that you used to soak your lenses was hot enough, your lenses should now be moving, but it can happen in some rare cases that it doesn’t work, so here is another solution.

Use contact lenses tweezers as Meruru tweezers
First, after opening your vials, please take a photo to show that you had to use tweezers for a reason, in case you need to change your damage lenses later.
Using tweezers, softly and very gently try to remove the stuck lenses from the vials. Do not try to hard, and do it very slowly. Catch your lenses and put them in a contact lens case to soak them overnight in contact lens solution. Then the next morning inspect your lenses to find any damage and to be sure that they are perfectly safe to wear.
If you suspect anything unusual, as a cut or anything that seems abnormal, do not wear your lenses and send us some photos of your products to allow us to check them and replace them if necessary.

After trying your lenses, please remove them immediately and also send us some photos if you feel any discomfort, but most of the time you should be okay as contact lenses are made in very strong and safe material that can face all these situations.

Please contact us and send us your photos if you still cannot use your contact lenses of feel any discomfort.

Thank you again for your order.

Kind regards,