Nasty Scary Freaky Clown Makeup for Halloween

Nasty Scary Freaky Clown Makeup for Halloween


If you really need to be scary for Halloween, we propose you some makeup ideas and costumes to look like a nasty diabolic clown inspired from Stephen King novel and the movie “It”.

Recently in France, some silly guys have fun scaring people at night disguised like this demonic clown. This phenomenon was related by the medias and created a real fear among the French population.

In USA some video pranks have been done but people trapped in these videos have been advised right after, French people have never been told about it. It is the evidence that nasty clowns are still really scaring people.



To create your killer clown costume, you need first to find old colorful clothes that are too big for you. If you don’t have any, you can get an overall, an old shirt and a white T-shirt that you can paint with different colors. Then you will need few accessories as a blue or red wig, and a bow tie which is easy to make yourself with colored paper. If you don’t have an overall you can use paints with big straps. You can now think about adding a personal touch with the cap of your choice and choose between English bowler, top hat, ghillie hat, cap… To finish dressing like a clown you now need to find the right shoes, actually you will recycle an old pair of shoes and paint them in yellow or any other flashy color of your choice.

Before starting your clown makeup, have a look to our crazy lenses catalog on it can give you inspiration to make an awesome scary clown makeup. We suggest you to get the red and white circle lenses Geo SF-11 making zombie eyes, the spiral color lenses Geo SF-06, the fully white Geo CP-F1 or the CP-S6 and Geo SF-20 which make you look like a demon. All these color lenses meet the needs of our most difficult to please customers, so we are sure that yo will also like them. Our circle lenses meet international standards as FDA (USA) and CE (Europe), they are all genuine lenses made with high quality medical material called hydrogel.

Now it’s time to make your clown makeup, you can get your inspiration with the photo displayed on this page or try to find more examples online. Please note that you can find face paints set really easily and that they are affordable. First of all, start applying moisturizing cream on your face to protect it, then apply a layer of white paint all over your face except the end of your nose, eye contour and the mouth. With black paint now color your upper and lower eyelids, draw a mouth more larger than yours to make the illusion that you have a monster mouth. Then play with red face paint to cover the last part of your nose and create blood where you need. Follow your instinct and your imagination to be the scariest clown in the neighborhood.

You are now ready for your Halloween night or any other scary night.