CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Natural Brown Contact Lens Review Geo Flower Carnation WFL-A44 Brown

Natural Brown Contact Lens Review Geo Flower Carnation WFL-A44 Brown






I received my lenses from Solution-lens a few days ago! It was fast considering i live all the way in Hawaii. I’ve ordered from stores before and Solution-lens has the fastest shipping ever. It only took one week for it to come here and i was very, very surprised. Please note that this is 100% my opinion^^

My Package:

When I got the package, of course i was super duper excited~ I even noticed the cute little stickers they put on the package!

Inside looks like this, very well wrapped.

Everything inside this bubble wrap~ there is more than one layer of bubble wrap so the things in there weren’t damaged at all.

Inside….. Is this super cute basket!! Can the packaging get any better? It’s my first time getting my lenses from them and I already love it~

Inside the basket, has my circle lenses, lens case, and a gift! Earings! They are the cutest~~ They also gave me a pink mouse pen that has blue and black ink! Isn’t that awesome. I swear I couldn’t stay still while opening this.

This is my lens case! Its small and cute~ unfortunately both are labeled “L” for left LOL. That doesn’t bother me at all, it is the factory’s fault for this and I don’t blame them^^

GEO lenses! I checked and it is authentic~ the vial is so cute >.<

I got them in plano~ Solution-lens only has lenses in plano, don’t forget that^^ I have perfect vision so again, it doesn’t bother me.

GEO Xtra Carnation Brown! They look so cool~ the design reminds me of music notes a little bit, haha.

There will be a small arrow to tell you where to push up to open the vial. Under that is a soft rubber cap.

A better look at the vials~

Make sure to use fresh solution and not the ones in the vials.

A closer look at the lens >.>


Price: 19.90USD
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water content: 38-42%
Base curve: 8.7
Lifespan: 1 year (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Packaged in sterile buffered saline
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Opthalmologists and optical shop certified
Buy without prescription
Perfect for dark and light colored eyes

Finally Onto the lenses

It gives my eyes a sparkling effect that I like. I also think its pretty natural

One lens in, one lens out. No flash~

With flash~

Both lenses in! Excuse my face lol I had a bit of trouble puting on 15mm lenses for the first time, haha

Heres a closer look

More pictures! So picture heavy


Color & design: 5/5

I chose this lens because the design caught my eye. Befor wearing it, i was afraid it look alien on me because of the swirls and the black ring around it. But guess what?? Super natural.

Comfort: 4/5

When I wore the lenses, I could barely feel them. They felt a little dry after 3 hours, but eyedrops helped a lot. Because they are 15mm, they take up a lot of space so less oxygen gets through.

Enlargement: 5/5

BIG. One word to describe these 15mm lenses, are BIG.

Overall: 4.5/5

These lenses are cute as heck, super big, and the designs are to die for. Not a perfect score because the comfort was a little off.

About me

– My natural eye color is brown and I have double eyelids
– I love lenses that are brown because it looks very natural on me. I usually get GEO because its very comfortable and it has a lot to choose from
– I wear contact lense almost every other day or when I have special occasions
– I found Solution-lens in google, when I was searching for circle lens stores
– My all time favorites are GEO’s Cafe Mimi series. Their designs are all very cute and I like it a lot. GEO’s nudy series caught my eyes also, I just love how they sparkle!

Takem from Solution-lens
This is the GEO Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown in 15mm, one of the cafe series.



And this, is GEO’s Super Nudy Brown 14.8 mm

Let’s talk about Solution-lens

They are the store that sponsored me these lenses. To me, I really think that they give excellent customer service. I got one defective lens and told them about it, they replied within 24 hours and told me they would give a replacement lens! Not only did they do that, they offered me a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. To me, I really like how they treat their customers^^
Solution-lens has circle lenses that are $19.90 and most stores sell it for around $25. You can also choose an additional pair of lenses when you buy 2 pairs or buy 5 pairs and get 2 pairs free! They have free shipping worldwide which is what I like most~
Their website has popular brands like GEO Medical, Vassen, and Dueba(G&G), it’s also very easy to look around in their site. When youbare browsing for the lenses, the show you pictures of the individual lens to give you an idea of how it looks like!
Like I said so before, their packaging is absolutely adorable~ they give you gifts like a cute earing and pen! Who doesn’t like gifts and free shipping? I 100% recommend Solution-lens to you all. Be sure to check out their giveaway here or go to my page talking all about the GIVEAWAY!