New generation Telescopic Contact Lenses

New Generation Telescopic Contact Lenses


The contact lenses world has never finished to surprise us, it becomes more interesting and promising. Actually, the new upcoming high-tech contact lenses can be very useful devices. They will for example offer the possibility to see clearly in the night (night vision), identify an individual, indicate blood sugar rate for diabetic people, analyze pictures and display data directly on the contact lens which will be very useful in sport for example, as during a football match, to show details of the game to the referee.


Recently, scientists have developed a new model of telescopic contact lenses able to zoom in and out. These contact lenses can be used by the army but also for medical purposes, because they can help surgeon during surgery to get a better accuracy.


This new innovation will be commercialized pretty soon because American and Swiss scientists have developed contact lenses able to zoom 2.8 times and give “the eagle eye”.


The scientist team’s prototype has a 8mm diameter for 1mm thickness in the center and 1.17mm at the contact lens outer ring. The center of the contact lens is free to let the user see, but rings around the center can allow the user to zoom.



How does telescopic contact lenses work ?


Aluminum mirrors are applied on the zooming ring and reflect the light, exactly as a telescope and before the picture is transmitted to the retina. According the inventors, the biggest difficulty to develop these telescopic contact lenses was to let them “breathe” as the cornea needs to get air permanently. It is now possible thanks to new material able to let the air pass true the contact lenses when they are on, it also allows the wearer to use them at least 8 hours.

In the medical field, patients will also enjoy the advantages of this new technology. People suffering of visual issue called age-related macular degeneration (AMD), are up to 2.5 million just in USA and hundreds millions in the whole world.


With this new tool the patient will be able to choose between normal vision and telescopic vision. These contact lenses are an alternative to surgery which can be very dangerous for senior.