New Trendy Japanese Fake Eyelashes Paperself

New Trendy Japanese Fake Eyelashes Paperself


After circle lenses and Korean lenses which give the illusion that your eyes are bigger than they really are by adding deepness to your look, today we want to talk about this awesome idea coming once again from Asia, the paperself eyelashes.


Used by the Japanese Movement “Gyaru”, this trend consists in wearing fake eyelashes made of black paper by yourself. These paper eyelashes are easy to find and order online, there are also inexpensive. The eyelashes are made of a thin waterproof paper called ”Paperself” or ”Stella Paper”, this paper is ideal to keep the eyelashes in good shape while you are wearing them. This new trend is directly inspired from the Japanese Origami which is inspired by its Chinese art ancestor ”Jiǎnzhǐ”. This new trend is perfect if you want to make your eyes noticeable and it is a good way to make them appear bigger, this is why this trend is so successful in Japan.


These eyelashes are full of details because they are trimmed with delicacy and are real piece of art. These eyelashes also reflect Japanese and Chinese culture.

We can see eyelashes with butterfly wings which symbolize freedom and delicacy but also other with birds like doves, flowers or animals like roosters, rabbits, horses, fishes, dears, seahorses. Sometimes you can see monuments or letters, the whole thing is about symbolism and signification.

These paper eyelashes are often made by artists and masters well know in this domain. Mostly these eyelashes are applied on the eyes as usual but sometimes they can be directly sticked on skin. For example you can stick them on the corner of the eye, on your temple or anywhere you want.


If you want to have a special look that is at the same time contemporary and traditional, be a precursor, bring poetry and dream to your look or just show everyone that you have your own personality, then Paperself eyelashes are the perfect fashion accessory. Your can wear them anytime or for special occasion like Halloween, a concert or an exhibition.


These Paperself eyelashes are perfect to match contact lenses and bring sparks in your eyes.

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