Neytiri Halloween Tutorial Makeup From Avatar

Neytiri Halloween Tutorial Makeup From Avatar


This week for Halloween, we have decided to give you makeup tips to look like the character Neytiri from Avatar blockbuster movie. She is a fictional character who is very popular among the youth. Avatar was directed by James Cameron and his movie was a hit. Avatar 2 is expected before 2019.

In the first episode humans want to colonize Pandora moon to get a natural resource which is sold millions dollars per kilo on earth. At the beginning humans try to negotiate with the Na’vis, the humanoid blue creatures around 9.8 feet (3 meters) tall. The Na’vis leave in osmosis with they planet and the nature. Humans have created a program called “Avatar”. The avatar is a Na’vi body created from human DNA which can be controlled by thought from the people the DNA belong too. The main Avatar movie hero is a former marine called Jake Sully who is paraplegic, he’s hired again by the army to replace he’s dead twin brother and control his Avatar. He’s the only one able to do it because they have the same DNA. During he’s mission in his avatar body Jake meet Neyriti, a Na’vi who will save his life and help him to become one of them.


Na’vi Circle Lens Team Choice

To look like Neytiri from avatar for Halloween you should at first, if you really want to be credible, wear a pair of colored circle lenses. The heroine eyes are in yellow tone with a very big iris. To get the big iris effect we strongly recommend to choose our circle lenses also called colored lenses or korean lenses.

Our lenses are 100% safe and made of medical material called hydrogel, only genuine trusted brands are sold on All our circle lenses meet standards like the European CE, American FDA and international ISO. The important thing when you decide to use circle lenses is to know the basic rules of hygiene to avoid any eye infection risk.

The best circle lenses model that seems the most appropriate for your Na’vi ”mutation” is Vassen Big Puffy or Dueba Lily.


Na’vi Halloween Makeup

To Make your Neyriti makeup you might know that special Avatar makeup kit exist, they are ready to use and contain all the color needed to paint one’s face. But the best is to make yourself the colors that you need with body paint, you’ll need 5 colors, black, white, light blue, dark blue and pink.

To apply this body paint properly on large skin area remember that it is better to use a little soft sponge and tap the paint on your skin. For the details you’ll need different size of brushes.


Start applying the light blue on your face, neck and ears. Make your eyebrows thicker with a black eyeliner or paint them with a small brush. Darken your eyes contour with your eyeliner and use eyeshadow on your eyelids. With a brush, paint the little areas which are, the nose extremity and little areas on your lips. Now you can start to paint dark blue lines, from your hair to your eyes.

For more details, have a close look at the photo published on this page. Make the same lines on your cheeks. Then with a tiny brush, make little white dots that should follow the dark blue lines that we have made earlier. Add some silver glitter on your face if you have some.


We hope that this little special Halloween Avatar makeup guide will be useful for you, all team wishes you the best Happy Halloween party !