Non Prescription Contact Lens

Non Prescription Contact Lens

Non Prescription Contact Lens


Cosmetic contact lenses are also known as zero powered (0.00) lenses, Plano contact lenses, coloured contact lenses, patterned contact lenses, or even novelty contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses are effective to change eye color and appearance, people use them to improve their appearance and for fashion purpose. They are also used for special effects in movies and to achieve special looks on men and women.

The main reason why many people choose to wear cosmetic contact lenses is that wearing cosmetic contact lenses is still a nice way for them to show their passion for fashion and their personal character.

Many people wear non prescription cosmetic contact lenses with different colors on different occasions to make their eyes nicer to see. The cosmetic contact lenses can change the color of eyeball and can lead to various outcomes such as sweet look, sexy look or even scary look.


Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses


Non prescription cosmetic colored contact lenses have become the hottest eye accessory to complete one’s gorgeous look and express feelings or mood. Cosmetic Contact lenses give you great freedom to safely change your eyes just like regular contact lenses.

Always consult your eye doctor a first time before buying non prescription cosmetic colored contact lenses. It is essential to have decent instruction on lens care solutions, appropriate handling, hygiene, cleaning and disinfection techniques but also storage. Follow all the recommended procedures and never forget that color lenses should never be shared with another person.

Cosmetic contact lenses or Plano contact lenses are safe like the regular contact lenses used to correct vision. An US study clearly shows that problems met with color contact lenses are most of the time caused by contact lenses wearers who bought contact lenses from untrusted sources and failed to follow instructions, but also have poor hygiene, all these facts increasing risks of eye infection.

You can prevent any serious risk for your eyes by carefully following instructions and properly care, so we advice you to read our tips about professional eye care.


Consult with Eye Doctor


If it happens that you feel something abnormal with your contact lenses there is no reason to stop wearing contacts or suffer in silence. It is likely that a simple change made by your contact lens brand, your care products such as contact lens solution, or daily habits of taking care of your contact lenses and your eyes has some consequences into your eyes, so by trying to find what has changed you might easily solve the problem.

But if you still feel uncomfortable after having changed your contact lenses, products, and daily habits, you need to visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist to accurately determine the specific cause of discomfort and find the appropriate solution because there might be a more serious underlying problem.

Remember that you have to take the lenses out immediately when your eyes don’t feel well, the problem being redness, soreness, or discomfort, and after lens removal seek advise promptly from your eye doctor.

If you understand what are cosmetic contact lenses and how to handle the situation when you feel uncomfortable you will never face any big problem that has no solution. Handle cosmetic contact lenses the correct way and everything will be fine without any harm from eye infection.

Your eye color is one of your most striking beautiful features, so why not add a little fun into your eyes ?

Our non prescription cosmetic contact lenses have been worn by millions of happy customers and you will certainly become a satisfied customer too. The amazing transformation that bring our contact lenses will give you more confidence and charm.

Our cosmetic contact lenses are made from the highest quality materials and by using the most advanced technologies of contact lens manufacturing facilities, so you can trust our contact lenses that are safe for your eyes.

The best brands on the market available on our shop such as Geo Medical contact lenses, Dueba contact lenses and Vassen contact lenses are non prescription cosmetic colored contact lenses that are US FDA and European CE approved contact lenses manufactured by very serious and controled companies that use the highest quality standards similar to the ones used for regular corrective contact lenses, so there is no more risk to wear non prescription color lenses than corrective contact lenses if you buy lenses from these labs.

Decorate your eyes with one of our quality brands of non prescription cosmetic colored contact lenses that will make your eyes more irresistible than any eye accessory or eye makeup could do. is the best shop for you to buy the best cosmetic contact lenses online at the best price, because we sell only the best brands and deliver for free throughout the world.


If you have any other questions about non prescription cosmetic contact lenses or about discomfort that is hardly caused by color lenses but more by wrong care of the contacts please add a comment below and our specialists will reply you as fast as possible.