Opaque Contact Lens 100% Covering your Eyes

Opaque Contact Lens 100% Covering your Eyes

Most contact lenses are made to match the original color of your eyes, the color of your iris. Usually circle lenses have a pattern which let see the color of your eye through them. For example if you have a brown eye and choose to wear a gray contact lens, your new eye color will be a dark gray with a touch of brown. Depending of the pattern, the contact lens that you choose will be more or less transparent which means that we could see more or less your real eye color blended with the circle lenses. This blending creates a natural look even with colors like pink, gray or violet.


Sometimes people prefer to wear contact lenses fully opaque to totally hide the color of their eyes. Opaque color lenses will change the color of your eyes for good, and while you are wearing circle lenses no one could tell what is your real color. Maybe sometimes people hate the real color of their eyes and want to change it, but more often they just want to change their color depending on the mood. Circle lenses are now considered as a fashion accessory, you can wear contact lenses if you wish just to make your eyes match your dress color, your bag your shoes or any other accessory or piece of clothe.


Cosplayers like to wear opaque contact lenses too, because the goal when you cosplay is to hide the real “you” to stick as close as possible to the character that you want to play. When we talk about cosplaying mostly people think about japan anime fans, but cosplayers aren’t only this. Most of you have already cosplayed by wearing a costume for Halloween or even Christmas to look like Santa claus for example. Crazy color lenses are a big sale during Halloween time and there are many reasons for that. If for example you want to transform yourself into a zombie for Halloween you will need the perfect white opaque circle lenses covering 100% of your real eye color. Without these white crazy lenses your zombie tranformation won’t be completed.


Opaque lenses are not different than others contact lenses also called ”circle lenses”, ”color lenses” or “Korean lenses”. You can choose to wear color lenses anytime and anywhere but no more than 10 hours a day as any contact lenses. If you wear color opaque lenses for the first time it will be wise to read some information about the basic rules of care and safety. You can check by yourself to have more details, but the rules are quite simple and easy to respect. First of all you need to wash your hands carefully with soap and dry them with a towel, then you always have to keep your circle lenses clean with a special lens care solution. Lenses have to be cleaned every time after each use with the lens care solution and soaked in the same solution in their lens case.


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