Optometrists and other Doctors Lies about Korean Color Lenses

Optometrists and other Doctors Lies about Korean Color Lenses

Optometrists and other Doctors Lies about Korean Color Lenses

You might not know but doctors often are liars. Why ? Simply because they are told by labs, medicine and medical accessories companies and what they must repeat to their patients. Of course they are rewarded for this and even if it’s not with money doctors are often offered trips and vacation for “conference” purpose, more time spent with medical companies to repeat their lesson…


Some doctors like to tell that many patients go to see them with complications from the inappropriate use of coloured contact lenses and circle lenses bought online, but they often “forget” to explain that when there is a problem most of the time it is not caused by the contact lenses but by people who do not take a good care of their new eyes accessories.


Of course most of the time when people buy contact lenses online they don’t visit an eye professional, not because they don’t know that they should, but because they do not want to listen to the old repeated speech of doctors who know nothing about Korean lens brands that millions of people wear daily in the world without any problem.

Yes, for most doctors Korean lenses are bad simply because Korean lenses manufacturers didn’t propose them the usual gifts that more famous and rich companies (used to rob customers with outrageous prices) can offer them. Sad but true, it is difficult to trust any doctor when you know that they sometimes do not advise patients for very good reasons.


For some doctors people wearing Korean lenses have no idea what risks they are taking because no one had ever told them, but it is not true, and most lens wearers know exactly what they are doing. The ones who do not know are the doctors who think that everybody else is stupid, but actually they should remember how easy it is to find any information on the Internet…


The popularity of coloured and circle contact lenses has increased exponentially in the last few years because they are cheaper than before and famous optical brands in United States or Europe do not appreciate that new brands are coming from Asia. They call shops selling Korean contact lenses unlicenced online retailers and they accuse them to allow easy access to cosmetic contact lenses without requiring any sort of professional care. But again they are telling lies because many online shops are official distributors of Korean lenses and most products sold online are approved by FDA and similar administrations around the world. And anyway who cares FDA when knowing that the only reason why some big companies get FDA approval is the money that they spend and give to this administration to “test” their products.


When someone wants to buy color lenses most online contact lens shops clearly explain that even though it is possible to order color lenses without doctor prescription, it is of course always better to visit a professional prior to wearing circle lenses, because these items are medical accessories and need a special care. The truth is that anybody who wants to wear any kind of contact lens must visit a doctor first, and online shops often explain this a lot better than most supermarkets and other high street shops where it is also possible to buy these items without any doctor prescription.


We understand that doctors do not like to feel useless, and even if in most countries around the world it is also possible to buy Korean lenses without doctor prescription, we really insist and push our customers to visit an optometrist before buying products on our store.


Officially the fact that more and more people buy color lenses without any doctor help has been a huge concern among eye care professionals but of course they explain that it is because they see an alarming increase in rates of sight threatening complications directly associated with the inappropriate use of these lenses. They say that the danger comes from the fact that these lenses are being used without all the proper fitting, instruction, and regular monitoring from an eye doctor or optometrist, patients are wearing lenses that are potentially wrong for their eye shape, and have not had any education on lens care and hygiene.

Of course nobody needs a doctors to know how to take care of contact lenses and reading information online is enough, but what is true is that doctors are useful to know your exact eyes base curve and buy proper lenses for your eyes. Even if most people can wear contact lenses with 8.6 or 8.7 base curve, you cannot be sure until you visit an eye specialist, and this is why you should do it.



So how to safely use coloured lenses?


Of course if you plan to wear contact lenses only few times a year for few hours each time you do not need any help but if you plan to wear contact lenses daily you should visit a doctor.
For patients to be fitted into any contact lenses, including non prescription cosmetic lenses, an eye doctor or optometrist needs to do a full eye health and refractive check to determine whether lenses are suitable and what type is required.

Doctors often pretend that they are the best to teach to contact lens wearers how to take care of their lenses but this is not true and anybody who can search on Internet will know as much as them, so getting instructions from a doctor is not really useful.

Some doctors even ask for after care appointments that would be useful to make sure that the contact lenses and solutions are compatible with the eye and performing well, but again in most cases nobody needs to visit a doctor one more time after knowing what is his base curve. If anything is wrong with contact lenses wearers will feel uncomfortable and will know what to do.


If you check online you might think that most, if not all cases of severe eye complications from cosmetic lenses presenting to emergency departments around the world are cases where the patient had not been to an eye care professional. It might be true, but what is also true is that when people have problems with color contact lenses it is always because of their own poor care and never because of the contact lenses that they bought.


Millions of people are wearing Korean lenses all day everyday but some optometrists still refuse to recommend these coloured contact lenses even if there is no true reason for that. If you have read somewhere that these lenses are significantly less oxygen permeable (breathable) compared with some of the clear contact lenses available on the market, please understand that this is totally wrong and that only doctors who know nothing about Korean technology can repeat this. It is also not true that if the lenses are worn too much patients will inevitably end up with chronic damage to the cornea due to lack of oxygen.


Anybody can wear Korean color lenses daily for 8 hours at least and we are sure that you will confirm this fact after having purchased your first pair of some one the most beautiful contact lenses available on the market.