Order Wholesale Price Colored Circle Lenses

Order Wholesale Price Colored Circle Lenses


 Colored contact lenses are a new trend this year thanks to all the celebrities women and men that we can see wearing soft colored contact lenses on tv and in movies. Colored circle lenses became a real major fashion accessory for those who want to improve their physical appearance, they are perfect if you want to change the banal color of your eyes.


Because circle lenses are a cool product which is very easy to sell, it would be a good idea to enjoy this opportunity to earn an income.

Start to get our circle lenses for a wholesale price and try to sell them to your friends by talking to them or via social network, you will se how successful you will be. Selling on social network via, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is also a good way to get new customers. You maybe have a blog, a website or a shop where you could sell these circle lenses. The brands that we propose you to sell are Vassen, Geo, Dueba and Dreamcon, they are the best brands on the market and meet FDA and CE standards. It means that you can sell them all the around the world without any problem. On Solution-Lens.com we only sell genuine circle lenses, they are 100% safe for everybody from 10 years old to 99 years old. We can guarantee that your customers will never have any complaint.


The wholesale price that we propose is $680 for 50 soft circle lens pairs (colored contact lenses).
If you need more circle lenses then order 150 pairs and get 50 more pairs free. The shipping is free and worldwide and you will never have any tax or customs duty to pay because we send all your parcels declared as gift.


NOTICE: These offers are not available for the product range called ” Crazy lens “, most of these circle lenses are opaque and for cosplaying, Halloween or partying because they can create special effects like zombie eyes, big cat eyes, lizard eyes, vampire eyes…

The main difference about crazy contact lenses is that they are not for daily use as regular circle lenses which are just made to enhance your look. These crazy circle lenses really are for special purpose and event. They are more difficult and complex to make, this is why they are a bit more expensive than the circle lenses average price.

Depending their design the price for one pair to another can vary. You can contact Solution-Lens.com to get the best wholesale price, tell us your quantities and the designs that you have chosen by using the SKU (reference code) of every contact lens.


So, if you want to become a circle lens reseller temporarily, for a special event or permanently as your main job, then order now your first circle lens stock. If you don’t have money to invest then you can work with us because we propose to everyone a dropshipping offer.

Check our dropshipping page if you want to have more information. For those who not aware about what dropshipping is, it’s simple actually.

When your customers pay for contact lenses on your blog or shop, then you order the same products on our store, pay the wholesale price and send us your customer’s address.

Then we take care of all the process, the packing and the shipping with a tracking number to follow your customer parcel. Of course all the dropshipping parcels are sent anonymously, your customer will never know that the parcel have been sent by someone else and not by yourself.


Getting wholesale price or doing dropshipping are very good ways to make an income added to your regular salary or even make this a full time job, so don’t lose this chance because Solution-Lens.com offers the best dropshipping conditions, not like some other stupid websites that ask you so many questions before starting.


No questions asked on Solution-Lens.com, you do not need a company, you do not need to declare any of your income, we can even find for your solutions to receive your payments offshore and then avoid your local taxman.


Enjoy the best dropshipping offer with Solution-Lens.com