Prescription Korean Circle Lenses

Can Circle Lenses Be Prescribed ? How to Know What Is My Prescription for Circle Lenses ?




Yes, as any contact lenses Korean circle lenses can be prescribed by your doctor.

Circle lenses are the same as regular contact lens with just more water content. As they are perfectly safe for your eyes they can be prescribed and you can use them to correct your eyesight.

Circle lenses are even better for your eyes than classic contact lenses thanks to higher water content that makes them more comfortable to wear.

You can buy non prescription or plano contact lenses (power 0.00) if you have a perfect vision or if you wear glasses but also if you are not sure about your vision stats. Of course the best would be to have an eye exam with your local ophthalmologist as everybody should test his eyesight every 1 or 2 years

If you know your prescription / RX / degree you can order corrective color lenses online but if you do not know you can order plano color lenses and wear them with your glasses. People usually prefer to buy corrective color lenses because it is more difficult to see your eye color behind glasses but wearing glasses and color lenses is never a problem.


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