Questions Replies about Color Contact Lenses

Questions Replies about Color Contact Lenses


Here are some important things that you certainly want to know about color contact lenses.


– Can I makeup while wearing contact lenses?

Don’t worry boys and girls, the answer is yes, you can makeup when you wear circle lenses on and be pretty as usual. But remember that it’s recommended to put your color lenses on before makeup, and you might not put eyeliner on the edge of your eyelids close to your eye. If you use makeup powder after having your color lenses on, then be careful to close your eyes well. If you keep your eyes open the powder can stick to your lenses and cause eye dryness. When you want to remove your makeup don’t forget to take off your circle lenses first.


– Can I sleep with color lenses on?

No, you can’t. This is really not appropriate to sleep with your contact lenses on, even for a nap. Closing your eyes for too long with circle lenses on will make them stick to the inside of your lid, the lenses will be then removed when you open your eyes again. It can hurts you and damage you eye cornea.


– Can circle lenses protect me from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays?

Regular lenses don’t protect from the sun’s UV. But special lenses have been created with an anti-UV filter, some of these lenses look transparent or have a brown layer. It is not recommended to expose your eyes to the sun anyway because even if your lenses protect your iris, the white part called “the sclera” won’t be protected.


– Can I loose contact lens after a shock while wearing it?

Yes there is a risk if the shock is violent. If you drop your circle lenses on the floor, you have then to check them really carefully and make sure that they are not damaged. Clean and rinse your lenses well with your contact lenses solution care. Don’t forget to clean your hands perfectly before you touch the circle lenses. By cleaning your hands you will avoid any risk of contamination and keep your lenses also clean.


– How many hours per day can I wear contact lenses?

Ophthalmologists and medical doctors recommend to their patient to never wear hard or soft circle lenses more than 10 hours. You have to let your eyes get the daily oxygen that is needed. If you feel your eyes uncomfortable it means that they are becoming dry or irritated, that is the signal for you to take off your circle lenses.

– What can I do when I have dust or sand in my eyes while wearing color lenses?

In that case you have to take off your color lenses. You have to clean and rinse them with a sterile solution for contact lenses purpose. Use your fingers to wipe off the tiny dust or grain of sand and clean again with the solution. When you use your fingers you have to insure that they are perfectly clean.


– Can I wear circle lenses if I have a squint?

Yes of course, there is no problem to wear Korean lenses when you have a squint. the thing you have to know is that your contact lenses won’t correct that little issue.


– Do I need prescription to buy color lenses ?

A prescription is not needed at all especially if the contact lenses don’t have correction (0.00 plano contact lenses). If your contact lenses are only the fashion ones you can buy and order them on our online shop If you need contact lenses with correction it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist to make sure which correction is needed.


– Can my circle lenses be scratched?

Yes of course and it’s true for any kind of contact lenses, there is always a risk to scratch them if they are not manipulated carefully. If scratch happens you have to change your color lenses right away even if you don’t feel uncomfortable with your lenses. There is a risk that the lens tears apart in your eye. You have to know that color lenses with special treatment exist, they are more expensive with not much different design but they will be more resistant to scratches.


– Can I practice scuba diving or snorkeling with my contact lenses?

Yes snorkeling or scuba diving are possible but that practice is for those who know well circle lenses. We won’t recommend beginners to try it! If you have to dive with your contact lenses you need to close your eyes while you put the diving mask on. You have to avoid any salty water into your eyes or bacteria contained in the sea water. There is a better solution if you dive often. You can buy a mask with correction glass that fits to your vision in some optical stores. The problem is that scuba masks with correction glass are expensive.