Red Color Lens from Korea Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

Red Color Lens from Korea Review Vassen Big Puffy Red


Solution-lens + Contact Lens Review

Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

The parcel upon arrival!

Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

The lenses + earrings + case.


Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

The vial containing the lenses.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

You can see the circle lens in the vial

 Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

The gorgeous lenses in the case
given to me by the store!

Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

Another picture of them in the case.


What is the natural colour of your eyes and style?

Naturally, my eyes are green but they can appear blue or even grey in different light settings. I have a heterochromia in one eye but it’s only minor and my eyes are slightly up-turned with a hooded lid (a.k.a., Caucasian eyes).

What are your favourite contact lens colours and brands?
I don’t have any particular favourites regarding colour, but the more unnatural they look, the better! Before being given the lenses from, the only brand of contacts I used was Mesmereyez.

Do you often wear coloured contact lenses?I am a cosplayer and more often than not, the characters I choose have different eye colours to my own, so yes I do wear them quite often, but I also use them recreationally – I wear them out with friends and sometimes I wear them on a daily basis.

Where did you find our store?
Before applying to do reviews for, I had visited the website before with the intention of buying contact lenses, but this time I found the store on tumblr as someone had posted about buying contacts from there.

What contact lenses do you like in our store?

Vassen – Sakura Series: Blue:



 Vassen – Sakura Series: Green:



 Vassen – Sakura Series: Violet:



 Vassen – Kawaii Cherry Black:


 Vassen – Hyper Blue:



 Vassen – Kirei 3 Tone Gold:


 Vassen – Hyper King Pink:




Is our website easy to visit/browse?
The website overall is very good and yes, easy to navigate; there’s no complicated directions to follow and the tabs at the top of the website, (the ones that say: “Home” and “Questions”, etc) are easy to find and clearly labelled so there are no misgivings.
All of the categories and brands are labelled clearly, obviously and correctly down the left hand side of the page which makes it super easy to find the brand, style, colour or size that you want. As well as all of these tabs being down the left of the page, the home page has buttons to take you directly to the brands they stock (Geo, Dueba and Vassen) as well as a colour selection.
I can’t find any faults with the site.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

Is our customer service good/quick?
It certainly is. Upon visiting the ‘Questions’ tab, it became immediately clear to me that the staff and people behind this website try their hardest to help customers; they reply quickly and in as much or little detail as needed and offer help where it can be offered.
Regarding sales service and the like, I can say that the store is incredibly quick regarding shipping and processing; I received my contacts less than a week after filling out and completing the application to do reviews for their products.

What do you think about the lens colour?
The colour is beautiful and incredibly vibrant in the lenses the store sent to me; they are red with a 14.5 diameter. The majority of the lens was a very bright red, but in the centre, just around the hole where the pupil sits was a ring of yellow. This gave the lenses a horror feel; they are quite eerie looking when they’re in, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they are a gorgeous colour.


What do you think about the lens comfort?

If I were to put it on a scale of 1-10, it would definitely be a 10/10 for comfort. They were easy to get into the eye and sat without any ache, pain or irritation. I wore them for a few hours and forgot they were in they’re that comfortable – it feels as though there’s no contact lens in your eye at all!

 Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

What’s your overall opinion of the lenses?
Overall I think they’re beautifully made, comfortable, vibrant and just quite amazing. I would wear solution-lens all the time as these are the best contact lenses I’ve ever worn.
I thought that circle lenses might be a tad uncomfortable because of their size, but it’s not a problem at all. They look fantastic whilst they’re in and they’re simply the best.
the time if I could. They don’t hurt or blur your vision; they sit comfortably in your eyes and change the way you look in an instant – they’re absolutely amazing! I would buy again and again from

Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Puffy Red

 What is your overall opinion of our store?

The store is easily one of the best I’ve visited; it’s neat and well managed, easy to navigate and the selection of contact lenses on there is quite amazing. The customer service is top notch and the shipping and delivery times are equally as good. It’s spectacular really, to see a store so organized, well run and generally as brilliant as this one!

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